DIY: How to Make Choppy Bangs

Want to get an edgy look? then get it with choppy bangs. Choppy bangs gives increased depth to the facial features.  Depending on how they are worn, choppy bangs can create a variety of looks from edgy and fun to formal and dramatic.  They can be worn at a variety of lengths from very short to very long.

The length of choppy bangs can be varied.  Choppy bangs can range from very short to long in the same bang cut. Wondering about how to create the choppy bangs for your hair? you can follow instructions below, Check it out!

The equipment you’ll need :

  • Mirror
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Hair clip
  • Scissor
  • Hair dryer

The Steps :

  1. Stand in front of a mirror with good lighting to view the hair. Comb the fringe using a wide tooth comb to remove tangles.
  2. Brush fringe straight down in front of the forehead. Secure the remainder of the hair with a hair clip.
  3. Grasp a section of the fringe between the index and middle fingers. Slide the fingers down the hair, stopping ¼ inch from the point of cutting. Cut the excess hair below the fingers using a scissor.
  4. Hold the scissors vertically, pointing the tip upward, while holding the top of the fringe near the hairline. Make a small snip at a 45-degree angle into the fringe to create a “V” shape. Continue cutting at different angles across the fringe to create a choppy look.
  5. Remove the small pieces of hair stuck to the face, neck or clothing with a hairdryer.

Note :

  • To fix your choppy bangs, Keep layers long in back and choppy all around. This cut is all about movement. Add heavy,  choppy bangs. They can be tucked behind ears.
  • Use hair shears that are sharp, for best results.
  • Take your time when cutting your fringe. Once the hair is gone, it can take weeks for hair regrowth.
  • Use caution when using hair shears around your eyes.

With choppy bangs you can experiment it with any variety of hairstyles. This choppy bangs are great complements for every style!



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