DIY: How to Get Mullet Haircut

The mullet haircut is one such haircut that rose to fame some three decades ago. In simple terms, you can say that a mullet haircut is a combination of both long hair as well as short hair. This hairstyle was first introduced in the 1970s, but it peaked to popularity in the 1980s and 1990s, when there was a scene of rock music all around.  The hairstyle allowed both of men and women to have long hair in the back with short, well-groomed hair in the front.

The back hair could also be tied in a ponytail or tucked under the collar. The mullet complements most round faces, highlighting cheekbones and eyes. There are many famous male personalities who have been known to sport the mullet. Few of the notable names are Paul McCartney, David Bowie, Florence Henderson, Michael Bolton, Phil Collins, Billy Ray Cyrus, Steven Seagal, and Chuck Norris.

Given instructions below to create a mullet haircut with no-fuss!

Things you will need :

  • Comb
  • 4 butterfly clips
  • Elastic rubber band
  • Hair cutting scissors

The Steps :

  • Use a comb to divide the hair into four sections and secure with butterfly clips.
  • The first section begins at the front of the hairline and ends at the center of the crown, creating a rough rectangle.
  • The second section is from the center of the crown to the top portion of the back of the head.
  • The remaining two sections are the sides of the head.
  • Secure the back of the hair with an elastic rubber band.Remove the two center crown butterfly clips and comb the hair toward the front, so it lies smooth over the forehead.
  • Trim the bangs with hair cutting scissors to a desired length.Remove the two side butterfly clips, comb the hair down and trim around the ears. Cut both sides on an angle, using the bangs as a guide.
  • Return to the top section of the hair to comb the hair upwards from both sides, holding the hair in the hands.
  • Cut the hair the same length as the bangs.
  • Continue cutting until the other side is reached to complete the front of the mullet.
  • Remove the elastic rubber band and comb out the hair.
  • Leaving the back long, trim hair to desired length.

How to Caring?

  1. Finish with a hair smoother if you have a natural, flowing mullet. Less structured mullet hair cuts might not require any product at all, but consider adding a little smoother to give your hair added shine and keep the fly-aways down. Just rub one or two pumps into your palms and gently apply, concentrating on the ends.
  2. Feather the top for a truly vintage look. Wrap your hair, a layer at a time, around a thick round brush. Holding your hair in this position, use your other hand to keep the blow dryer in place while the curl sets. This may burn your scalp, but remember: beauty is pain. Finish with plenty of hairspray.
  3. Spike the top with a wax or gel. This look is more indicative of a structured mullet from the late 1980s and early 1990s, and is often combined with the rat-tail or mud-flap. Rub gel between your palms and run it through the hair on the top of your head for a wet, greasy look that lasts all day. When applying wax, coat the tips of your fingers and twist your hair into spikes.

For every man who want to look like a rock star, without growing your hair too long, a mullet haircut is the right option for you!






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