DIY: Create Your Own Side Bun Hairstyle

For a special event, then you need special outfits and complete it with a great hairstyle. The side bun hairstyles are perfect choice for you, these hairstyles promises to gives you a gorgeous retro look. You can go with the neat or the messy ones. The side bun is derived from the chignon of the 20′s.

The hair is smoothed back to the nape of the neck and pulled to the side, to create a trendy look. The time and effort put in making the perfect side bun hairstyle is indeed rewarding towards the end. It is one of the cool hairstyles for girls. It looks marvelous on long, sleek, straight hair, as well as bouncy curly hair.

How to create easy side bun hairstyle:

  • Begin with unwashed hair. Hair that is recently washed and conditioned may not hold form as well as slightly dirty hair. Wavy or unruly hair may need to be straightened with a flat iron, prior to creating a side bun.
  • Apply a shine serum to the hair and distribute it evenly with a hairbrush.
  • Part your hair to one side – your part should start directly above the middle of the eyebrow on whichever side you choose to part it.
  • Pull all your hair around behind your head over to the same side that you parted it on – pin it in place at the back of the head to keep it to that side.
  • Using a fine-tooth comb, back comb the hair to give it body, you can go a bit nuts here and don’t worry about how messy it gets.
  • Using a brush, brush the surface of the hair lightly to smooth it down – don’t brush to hard and remove all the teasing you have just done. Re-pin the hair to the side.
  • You may consider using a hair spray to hold your hair in place and not have it coming out of the bun. Another idea can be to use a soft styling gel.

Or you can check these Video Tutorial for ease :

And below are some pictures of side bun hairstyles, that probably can be your options.  Take a look!

For the side bun hairstyles be it at homecoming, prom, wedding and another special occasions, it is the best choice for you. One of the benefit of the side bun hairstyles also can hold up to humid temperatures. You can even start your busy days with side bun hair style. This hair style is really versatile for every opportunity!









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