DIY: Create Your Own Boho Hairstyles

The word “boho” is short for “Bohemian” and refers to the free and natural style of fashion and beauty that is similar to the hippie style. Boho hairstyles are characterized by flowing waves that don’t look too polished and neat and have a more natural look. You can also use your creativity if you want to do your hair boho style with artsy accessories. Whether your hair is naturally wavy or naturally straight, you can achieve this look.

To create this chic boho hairstyles, you need the proper steps/instructions to do. Below are some boho hairstyles variation along with the instructions. Check it now!


The Steps

  • Using your hands and fingers, brush all your hair to one side of your shoulder. Once all your hair is gathered to one side, make a part on the opposite side of your head, about two inches from the center, using a comb. Smooth bumps using your fingers.
  • Separate your hair into three sections. Begin by bringing the very back piece over the middle piece. Pull to ensure the braid is tight. Place the front piece over the middle piece. Pull. Repeat until you have only about an inch of hair left. Fasten with a rubber band or other stretchable fastening device by placing hair in the middle of the circle and looping until tight.
  • Pull out wisps of hair on the side opposite to your braid so you have a few stands hanging down. Secure any loose hairs in the back with bobby pins.

Messy Bun

The Steps

  • Wet hair and let it air dry. Scrunch hair for some volume and curl.
  • When hair is completely dry, backcomb top quarter of hair (from hairline at scalp to one-quarter inch back) to add more volume.
  • Gather all hair in a bunch in the back center of the head with the left hand. Twist the hair into a tight coil and begin to loop the hair around itself. With the right hand, secure loosely with a rubber band or other fastening device by placing around hair and looping around the bun. Smooth all bumps with fingers, if you prefer. Some hair should be coming out of the bun. If not, pull wisps from the bun with your fingers.

Freshly-Showered Look

The Steps

  • Wet hair completely. Do not brush it.
  • Apply a dime-sized amount of gel or pomade to the palm. Distribute through unbrushed hair by taking handfuls of hair and squeezing the handfuls with the fingers.
  • Let hair air dry. Hair should be wavy and slightly unkempt-looking. Secure one side of the hair with a bobby pin, if you prefer.

Braided Boho

The Steps

  • Wash your hair and towel it dry to remove excess moisture. The braiding process is easier if your hair is damp, not wet or fully dry.Comb your hair to remove any tangles. Apply styling product to your hair to minimize frizz and help keep the braid in place. You want a messy-looking braid, but one that stays in place.
  • Separate the sections of your hair and decide where to start the braid. If you are wearing the braid to one side, pull it over your shoulder and start the braid at your collarbone. If creating a braid to pin up, start it at the nape of your neck.
  • Braid using a simple three-section method, bringing each section over the top of the next. Smooth each section as you add it to the braid. Don’t braid too tightly as you want the look soft and messy.
  • Strategically loosen sections around your face to provide a frame. Leave your braid down your back or over your shoulder. Alternately, pin it up for a chic, but boho look.

Boho Hairstyles Example Pictures

Boho Hairstyles Video Tutorial

Source: Youtube

Boho hairstyles are contrary to the straight-laced, every-hair-in-place hairstyles. A bohemian hairstyle is all about wispy, curly, tangled and free-flowing hair. The common necessities when performing a hairstyle, such as hairspray, gel or pomade, are completely unnecessary; bohemian hairstyles are made to be mussed, tangled and touched. Good Luck!





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