DIY: Create Hair Wraps With String

Hair wrap a great way to add some color to a hairstyle, and it is done by making a small braid all the way down the hair, wrapping embroidery thread of different colors around the braid and securing it at the bottom with a double knot. From so many the guides on the internet, hair wrapping may look hard. It actually is quite easy to do, and can even be taught to young girls. Plus it does not require much in the way of equipment in order to accomplish.

Hair wraps are also easy to maintain, they can be washed and worn to bed. For the easy steps, find it on the next paragraph about how to create hair wraps with string :

Hair Wrap With String Instructions

Things You’ll Need

  • Embroidery floss (available at any craft store)
  • One 3×5 index card
  • About 20 minutes


  • Cut the index card in half so you have two approximately square pieces. Take one piece and make a cut from one side to about the middle of the card. Select where in your hair you want to make the wrap. You can make the wrap on top, near the part or front of your hair, or you can put it toward the back for a more understated look. Once you’ve chosen the location, separate out a small section of hair and slide it into the slit on the index card. This will keep your ‘working hair’ separate from the rest of your hair.
  • Choose how many colors you want. You can have as many as you like in a stripe design, or you can just have one to match your clothes; it’s up to you. Once you’ve selected your colors, cut lengths of embroidery floss that are about three times as long as your lock of hair. If you’re using four or more colors for stripes, you can make the lengths only two times as long as your hair.
  • Line up all the strands of embroidery floss and fold it in half, making a loop at one end and loose ends at the other. Lay the loop over your lock of hair and pull the loose ends through it, securely fastening the embroidery floss to your hair.
  • Now begin wrapping. Take your first color in one hand and use your other hand to hold your lock of hair and all the other strands. Begin wrapping in a tight spiral around your hair and the other colors of embroidery floss. Go slow and take your time with this. You don’t want any hair or embroidery floss showing, just the color you’re using to wrap. If you’re making stripes, only wrap for about an inch, then tuck your first color against the lock and pick up your second color. Be careful to keep your wrapping tight so the transition between the two colors is smooth.
  • Continue wrapping until you reach the end of your hair. If you are using more than one color, wrap another half-inch or so past the end of your hair, wrapping around the other colors. Tie the end tightly so your wrap doesn’t unravel. You can put beads or charms on the end, if you like. And there you go – a bright addition to your accessories!


  • Remember to wrap securely, but not so tightly that it hurts. It’s no good to have a fashion accessory that causes you pain!

The Video Tutorial 

 ——>How to Make Hair Wraps

Source: Youtube

You may decide that you wish to add beads throughout the hair wrap. Just choose beads that have a hole large enough to thread your hair through. Use the length of string to thread the bead and pull the whole length of hair through it. You may wish to add little knots every now and then as you wrap to keep it from unraveling. As you wrap the floss around the hair, simply slip it through the loop it naturally forms to create a small slip-knot. Hair Wraps with string is really interesting, colorful touch to your hair.  To create hair wraps with string, you definitely can wrap your own hair right at home.







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