Dark Auburn Hair Color

Dark auburn is an elegant hair color, as the red and brown have both been intensified. Dark auburn hair color has red tones and will be best for someone with either warm toned skin with peachy tones as opposed to yellow tones, or someone with the natural complexion of a redhead. Olive toned people should avoid this color. Natural blondes should only use this color if their eyebrows are medium brown or darker.

The hair color product that provide this color is;

  • Revlon Colorsilk 31 Dark Auburn
  • L’Oreal Preference 4R Dark Auburn
  • L’Oreal Excellence 4R Dark Auburn

When you use one of  those above hair color products; Do not use on hair lighter than light brown, unless you want a brighter, redder result. Do not use on hair previously dyed darker than medium brown. Use a good deep conditioner for color-treated hair, as red tones fade the fastest.


Then, how to style dark auburn hair?

  • Long loose curls are a suitable style for dark auburn hair for several reasons. Number one, the curls gracefully frame the face with a dark auburn hue, complementing or contrasting your skin tones and putting a spotlight on your eyes. Number two, the loose curl creates a flowing spiral that reflects the light shining on your hair.
  •  Particularly choppy, layered haircuts look good on a variety of hair colors and types, but they are especially striking on dark auburn hair. The shorter layers that frame the face do so to a more extreme extent, thus adding a splash of dark auburn hue to the face. This will not only brighten any skin tone, but also add a degree of mystery. The choppy layers add a greater amount of texture to the hair and allow light to reflect on the color in a subtler manner, giving you dots and points of red or copper that change as the light moves on your hair
  •  An appropriate hairstyle for dark auburn hair color that is suitable for formal affairs is a simple up-do, secured at the crown of your head. The easiest way to do this is to brush your hair upwards to the top of your head, secure it there in a ponytail with a hair band and then coil your hair into a bun, pinning it in place. You can then decorate it with a bow or jeweled pins as you like. This style creates an arresting dark fiery crown that produces a natural brightening lift to your whole face and will draw more attention to your eyes. If you have brown or hazel eyes, this hairstyle will complement your eyes; if you have blue, green or gray eyes, this hairstyle will contrast them.







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