Cute Updos for Work

For any woman with a busy schedule and hard working in the office, styling the hair can consume much of one’s time. However,  you need you need a hairstyle that easy, quick and without any fuss to wear. For all working women can be able to look good with any of the cute updos for work detailed below.

The Simple Bun

One of the best cute updos for work is a bun. To create one of the most perfect quick updo, first wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo followed by a conditioner. Blow dry your hair until it is smooth and dry. Now divide your hair into three sections, two sections over the ears and one section at the back. Now tease the hair on the crown to give it more volume by back combing. Gather the hair that has been sectioned in the back of your head into a low ponytail. Again backcomb the ponytail to create extra volume and a slightly tousled look. Pull the ponytail into a low bun by twisting it around the base of the ponytail and secure with bobby pins. Take the front sections of your hair and curl it with a curling iron so that the curls lie away from your face. Take a two inch curled sections of your hair from both sides of the crown area and pin these to the bun. Let the other curls fall over your face. Apply a spritz of light hairspray to set the hairstyle in place. Done!

Quick Roll or Twist

Here’s one of the another idea of cute updos for work; Very quick roll or twist. Sweep hair over to one side and brush it so it’s smooth. Secure it in place with bobby pins. Insert the pins vertically, straight up the back. Thin or fine hair may have to be sprayed with hairspray or gel to give the pins something to grip onto. Another option is to cross pins over each other in an “X.” The pins should feel tight.

Half Updo

To create, firstly; pull the top section of your hair back. Securing with an elastic at the crown of your head. Back comb the ponytail close to the rubber band to give volume. Fluff out the ends with a hair pick (comb) and spray with hairspray. Comb the bottom section of hair (loose section) and flip slightly using a flat iron. Apply pomade to create shine and separate ends. An alternative is to curl the bottom section under to create a smooth bob. Wow! You already done, and ready to work!

Messy Bun

A messy up pony tail or messy bun is always really effortless looking but looks really cute. When you get out of the shower put some moose in your hair and scrunch it with your hands as it gradually dries. Then while its still damp pull all of your hair up at the same time and tie it with a hair tie. Try not to much around with it too much as its meant to look slightly messy. Then once its in the pony tail you can messy bun it if you like. Just grab all your hair from the bottom of the pony tail and sort of push it into a bun shape then tie it with another hair tie. Its looks really good if you leave little bits hanging out of the bun as it adds to the messiness and disguises the hair tie.


How to do? Start by French braiding one side of your head into normal French braids. Then repeat it to the other side. Use bobby pins to pin the end of each braid underneath the other against the head. DONE!

The Poof Ponytail

Ponytails come in many different styles. You can choose a slick backed classic look or a more modern one. A modern ponytail has some lift on top, giving the top of the head a little lift. And its called the poof ponytail. To create;

  • Stand in front of a well-lit mirror. Use a rat tail comb to pull up and section off hair around the top of your scalp.
  • Comb the hair forward toward your face and gather it in your left hand.
  • Back comb or tease the hair you are holding. Place the comb halfway down the hair and gently slide the comb up and down.
  • Readjust the hair you are holding and continue to back comb all the hair. When you are done teasing, flip the hair back into place.
  • Use a brush to smooth out the hair on the sides and underneath into a ponytail. Gather the ponytail in your hand.
  • Smooth the top of the poof to hide some of the tease work, combing the hair back.
  • Gather all the hair into the ponytail holder. Place the ponytail at the center back of your head.
  • Pull the hair of the ponytail to tighten it. Pull the left side to the left and the right side of the hair to the right.
  • Use the rat tail comb to make a final smoothing on top, then spray your hair.

Besides some cute updos above you can go check another styles at videos below!

Simple and quick! some pictures below can be your new inspiration :


Mentioned above can be your best option hairstyles for work. The matter is whatever style you choose, as long as you feel comfortable when wearing it, it’ll gives you a cute and adorable appearance. Remember, for working busy day, you need to manage your time and make everything goes well. Good luck!









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