Cute Styles for Medium Hair: Prom and Summer!

Prom and summer, wow, that definitely an exciting time of the year!  you know there’s a lot to do when it comes up! for prom you’ll need a new outfit picked out and a new set of shoes to go with them.  For summer, i’ts time for swimming, tanning, BBQ’s, new outfits, and of course, new hairstyles to go with them. If you have medium hair, don’t worry about that, this article may help you to find out about some cute styles for medium hair.

A medium hairstyle  is simple, practical and stylish. there are many ways to style.  For prom and summer, you can choose the right one for you precious hair.

For prom do Up-do,  Big Ponytail and Braids!


  1. Do a casual, messy bun. This hairstyle looks feminine and cute without seeming like you tried too hard.
  2. Try a clean, ballerina-style bun. For an extra-sleek and sophisticated look, use the same hairstyle that professional ballerinas do.
  3. Do a bohemian-style braided bun. Try different styles of braiding to jazz it up.
  4. Try a classic French twist. It only takes a few hairpins, and it’s a classic style.
  5. Change up a regular bun with curls. This easy style works great for Prom or other special occasions.
  6. Make a vintage BoBhemian-style bun.

Big Ponytail

  1. Wash with warm water to wash your hair with the best products for your hair type, length of texture, and condition.
  2. If you have chemically treated or colored hair be sure to use products designed to extend the color.If you want to increase your natural texture consider using a mix of textures, use some product that help define the curls.
  3. Rinse and apply a rinse-out conditioner. With the conditioner in your hair using your fingers or a wide tooth comb to detangle strands. Working from tip to root.
  4. After detangling rinse well. Finish with a cool or cold water final rinse to seal in moisture, add shine.
  5. Carefully squeeze out any excess water with your fingers. Do not rub wet strands. Use a combination of techniques to squeeze out excess water and then blotting strands with a towel.
  6. Towel blot with a thick towel to remove excess moisture. Avoid rough towel without loop fibers. Better to wait until the hair is no longer dripping before applying styling products.
  7. Apply a cocktail of styling products are designed, including but not limited to, leave-in conditioner, a defrisant cream, styling and / or mousse to the middle and end. Use styling products are best suited for the type of hair texture, and styling needs. Do not be afraid to layer product to get the most precise results.
  8. Separate hair into 6-8 equally sized sections. The ideal sectioning will include two sections on either side and 4 on the back.
  9. If the desired fringe created at this time. With a comb to make the desired side on both sides of your head. Blow dry the rest of the periphery before drying hair.
  10. Use a paddle brush with pig bristles with a hair dryer to blow dry every 6-8 straight section. Use the cold setting on low speed to avoid blowing the newly formed texture.
  11. When hair is completely dry separate into individual sections 6-8.
  12. Create beautiful body by drizzle each piece with a volumizing formula. Roll hair in hot rollers.
  13. Roll each piece into the hot rollers. Allow the rollers to cool completely before removing.
  14. Separating the side-swept front edge of the rest of your hair. Pull the remaining hair back into a low ponytail with a base of the ponytail resting right on the nape. Secure with an elastic hair-friendly in the same color as your hair today.
  15. Take 1-2 “section of hair from the ponytail just created. Use 100% pork and backcomb the hair brush until you have achieved the desired fullness and height. For more fullness backcomb the hair before smoothing with your fingers.
  16. Lightly tease the front edge. Delicate strands and gently wipe down low on the forehead back to make the edges soft.

Optional is a beautiful updo hairstyle can be made without the bangs. This hair style can be modified to work with your specific goals. Cute styles for medium hair always have a place and most popular among teenagers.


  1. Start with a basic braid. If you’re new to braiding, put your hair into a low ponytail at the top of your neck and start from there.
  2. Do a classic French braid. You can do one plait down the center of your hair, two “pigtail” French braids on each side of your head, even a French braid headband.
  3. Try a trendy fishtail braid.
  4. Try a multi-stranded braid. You can work with four, five, six, or more strands for a complex look that’s easy to do.

For Summer do the side braid,  the high bun, and the twist!

The Side Braids

  • Brush the hair with a natural bristle brush and comb it to be sure tiny snarls and tangles have been removed.
  • Pull the hair over to one side, brushing it to be sure it’s smooth.

  • Divide the hair into three equal sections, starting under the ear. Braid the hair and attach a small hair band to the end. Smooth on some mousse or styling gel to control wisps, if necessary.

  • Spritz the hair with hair spray to keep the side braid neat and any loose hairs under control.

click the link below to get to know how to do side braid with different style :



 The High Bun

With a high bun, your hair is centered where it can be seen even when looking at you in the face. It may or may not be decorated with beads, clips or flowers, depending on the occasion. The point of it is that it remains simple – you want to draw attention to other parts of yourself, not your hair.

The Twist

  • Make a side part on top of the head.
  • Brush hair to the opposite side.
  • Pin ponytail to the back bottom of the hair.
  • Twist ponytail up the back of the head. Pin in place.
  • Spray hair.
  • Brush hair over to the middle of the head and begin twisting your hair up to cover the ponytail.
  • Pin in place and spray.


 ▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ █ QUICK TWIST █ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂

When you decide where's the good one to style, perhaps these can be something that help you to made different look than before, in case, cute styles for medium hair actually have a lot advantages though.  To get better results from some styles above, you can put or add some cute accessories that you like, such as flowers, hair clip or just a colorful bandana.  Doesn't matter, its PERFECT though! be creative! ◕ ‿ ◕




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