Cute Pigtails Hairstyle for Girls

Pigtails are a simple hairstyle in which the hair is divided into two sections then secured in two bunches on either side of the head. Pigtails hairstyles are a easy styles to construct taking little time and resources. Pigtails can be positioned high or low on the head, and they can be either braided or left loose.

There are any number of pigtail hairstyles. Braids and ribbons styled into the pigtails are popular ways to create a unique pigtail hairstyle.

Twisted emo pigtails

A twisted emo pigtail hairstyle is another variation on the traditional pigtail. Start by styling your hair so it hangs in your face. Texturizing cream or wax makes the ends of your hair look spiky, a common characteristic of emo hair. Divide the bottom of your hair into to sections, parted carelessly down the center. Gather one section of hair at a time into your hand and twist a few times until a loose, messy twist is created. Wrap the twist around the base once or twice and clip the end in place with hair clips or bobby pins. Allow the ends to point up and apply texturizer to create a spiky effect on the ends.

Topknot pigtails

A topknot pigtail is higher up on the head and works well with elegant but informal styles. Older teens and young women like this style. You can wear it by gathering all your hair in a typical topknot pigtail or in a partial pigtail that draws some of the hair back on the top of the head and lets the rest of the hair fall freely down. This style neatly frames the face and is a popular style when worn with bangs.

Pigtail Bi-hawk

In hair terms, a Mohawk is the spiking of a stripe of long hair that usually runs front to back on the head, with the hair around the Mohawk shaven. The bi-hawk is two Mohawks on the head, also usually from front to back, with a stripe shaved out of the middle. This hair can be pulled into pigtails (either spiked or not spiked) and colored with blue, red, green or any other loud shade.

French Braid Pigtails

French braid pigtails look fantastic on any kind of hair, be it straight, wavy, or curly. It gives your hair a beautiful and elegant look. To create the french braid pigtail; your hair pigtails is to part your hair. Take a comb, stand before a mirror, and draw a line on your scalp till the back of the nape in alignment with the nose. Comb the hair downwards on each side. Now, tie left side of hair with a rubber band so that it does not get mixed up with that on other side. You need to work separately on the hair on each side.
Comb the hair right side of hair with a wide toothed comb. Brush the hair backwards with a fine toothed comb. Take some strands of hair from the front. Divide it in three sections of equal width. Let’s name them as right, middle and left. Hold these three sections of hair near the center of your head with the help of your fingers of both the hands. Move the left section over the middle one. Now, the left section has come in the middle and the middle at the left side. Move the right section of hair over the middle section, which is originally the left section of hair. This completes one braid. Hold it tight.  You have a section of hair on the right, middle and left sides. Leave the one present on the left side and let it mix with the rest of the hair. Pick some new hair of equal width to make a new left section. Make another braid with the instructions given in the above paragraph. Make a new right section of hair of equal width as suggested for the left section of hair. Keep moving on in this manner till your reach the back of your nape. At this point, you have to make a choice. Either you can tie a rubber band at the end of the french braid and let your hair loose or make regular braids on your hair. However, the latter is possible only when your hair is long.

Ribbon Braids Pigtails

For this hairstyle you will need two ribbons at least twice as long as your hair. Separate your hair into two sections then tie each ribbon at the base of one section, leaving the two ends of the ribbon of equal length. Split each section of hair into two and braid into a normal three-strand braid, using the two ribbon ends as the third strand. To tie off the braid, wrap each end of the ribbon around the end of the braid two or three times, then tie them together in a knot or a bow

For an example, let’s have a look some pictures of the pigtails hairstyles below :



The pigtails hairstyles are versatile hairstyle that takes its name from the short, curly tail of a pig. Pigtails are springy and stand upright out from the head. You can adapt almost any kind of hair to the style.






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