Cute Little Girl Haircuts

Haircuts for little girls can be fun and sassy but should be high on the comfort factor as well. As a mother, when choosing a haircut for your little girl, it is important to take several factors into consideration. Ultimately you want a cut that not only you will like, but your little girl will love. Also, the style will have to hold up to the adventurous lives little girls lead.


You can be sure they will be constantly running around and hair will get messy. Make sure the cut and style is something you and your little one can both live with and appreciate. Below are some cute little girls haircuts that you can choose :

Face-Framing Layers

A mid-neck haircut with face-framing layers and bangs will enhance your little girl’s cute face. This is perfect for thicker hair, but not so much for thin hair; the layers will make it appear too thin. The bangs should be about eyebrow-length or side-swept. The layers start at cheekbone length and frame the front of the face.


When it comes to short haircuts for little girls, bobbed haircuts are just as popular now as they were in the 1920s. Many parents opt for this style for their child because it’s not only feminine and fun, but also easy to style and practical for active youngsters. Bobs are usually between chin and shoulder length and can be dressed up or dressed down as much as desired. If you’re taking your little girl to have her hair cut in a bobbed style, let the stylist know what type of cut you want. A blunt bob is a cut where all the hair is at the same length in order to give extra volume to the hair; this is ideal for young girls with very fine or thin hair. If your child has thick hair, ask for a razor cut bob; this breaks the hair up into light layers with wispy ends to make the hair more controllable.

Simple Length

The first and most basic little girl haircuts is the simple straight edge. This style is an all-around cut that includes the bangs, bringing the hair to one length. Girls that have grown in their hair fully, whether straight or curly look best in this style, however it is versatile and very easy to care for. With the youngest children, perhaps around age two or three who are learning proper grooming, this cut is easy and effective to wash and dry without tangles. This all one-length style is also quickly combed.

Pixie Cut

If you’re little girl is more of a tomboy, she may be interested in a pixie haircut. These cuts are ultra short  but still adorable so your little one can keep up with her active lifestyle without having to worry about hair in her face or styling long hair every day. Most pixie cuts are just around ear length or shorter and have several layers cut into them to get the best look. Heavy bangs or side-swept bangs look perfect with short cuts, but if your child isn’t interested in bangs they look just as good without. Just make sure you take her to regular trimming appointments since short haircuts require upkeep in this area.

For another ideas and examples,  go check some pictures below :


Once you’ve decided which the best little girls haircuts that suit your child, all you’ll need are some basic products and tools to create a variety of looks. For straight hair either wear down or pull up into a pony tail. Pigtails are also a great look on little girls and can look especially adorable if braided as well. Basic braids and ponytails keep hair out of the face and allow your her to have fun while looking like a little lady. If she has short curly hair, apply a bit of pomade to ringlets after hair has been towel dried. Let the hair dry naturally and apply a few dabs of coconut oil to define curls to provide a fun bouncy look. If she has long cascading curls you can choose to leave hair flowing down with a middle or side part or pull up into a high ponytail allowing curls to flow down. Happy Try!


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