Cute Hairdos for Young Girls

Cute hairdos for young girls should be fun and casual and also be age appropriate. If you are a young girl, then you must be on the lookout for hairdos that are easy to style and also which makes you look gorgeous. As a young girl, you must be looking for certain styles that best reflects your personality and style. You can go with different styles and patterns in clothes, accessories, hair and makeup.

To match the pretty outfit and accessories, you need a hairstyle that makes you look your age and which enhances your features. This is the right time to experiment from one style to another style to get the cute and gorgeous hairdos. Mentioned below may be your next option to get cute hairdos for everyday occasion:

Bow Hairstyle

The bow hairstyle is a cute style for the festive season, these style work best for straight hair. For special occasions and birthday celebrations, this cute hairstyle can be an option.  The style requires shoulder length hair and a modicum of styling skill.  For some steps or tutorial how to do the bow hairstyle, check out these video below.

[[❅❅ Hair Bow Tutorial ❅❅]]

French Braids

French braids would require care while doing the hairstyle. These style is a cute hairdos for mostly young girls. You can even innovate and try new steps apart from the basic ones given below. First, begin with a small and thin ponytail and tie it at the top of your head. This would also depend upon the height you wish to begin the braid from. Then braid the hair in small and even sections. You would need to add more strands of hair from the left and right side as you begin the French braid. The thickness of the braid would depend upon the amount of hair you add in the braid with each section. You can even wear two braids on the sides of the head.

Fishtail Side Braid

Braids are an ideal hairstyle for young girls that gives a fresh and youthful look. To create a fishtail side braid, first run some texturizing cream through the length of your hair. Create a deep side part and gather hair towards one shoulder. Separate the hair into two equal sections at the nape of your neck. Now very carefully, pull out a half inch section of hair from the right side, just below your ear and place it over the left section. Take another half inch section of hair from the left side, just below the ear and place it over the right section. Continue braiding in this way till you reach the end of the hair. Secure the braid with an elastic band. Take a rattail comb and gently run it over your braid to pull out some hair from the braid to give it a frayed look.

High Ponytail

Ponytail hairstyles look cute! It is a great hairstyle that works on any texture of hair and can be styled for medium to long hair. The best thing is that it takes under 10 minutes to style. To create a high ponytail, first blow dry your hair straight with a paddle brush. Next, brush the hair back from your crown and the sides and gather it into a high ponytail. Secure your hair with an elastic and use a bit of shine serum to get rid of flyaway. Now divide the ponytail into two inch sections and curl the ends with a curling iron.

Half Ponytail

These look great as curly ponytail styles. To create; comb your hair back, and then separate out half of the top hair, then comb them back again and tie them in a high ponytail. Comb the rest of the hair again. Take out few strands of hair on the sides of your face to soften your curly hairstyle look even more.

Curly Bob

This style is for medium length to long hair. If you want to imitate the vibrant beauty of bygone starlets, a bobbed cut is the best alternative. Since curly hair consists of a lot of volume, a graduated bob would aid in anchoring the weight by stacking the volume in a gradual manner. By using a little amount of hair gel and styling cream, a bobbed cut is tamable and requires very low maintenance. To give a touch of womanly charm, these haircuts look great, pulled back with petite hair accessories, like, bobby pins and rhinestone clips.

Messy Styles

For curly hair; cut your hair at the crown in deep layers, and hair below with few layers. If you have straight hair, just use a curly hair styling mousse or a sea salt spray on wet hair, and scrunch your hair by taking them in your palms and squeezing them. Let your hair dry naturally, and you will have great waves. Accompany these styles with a blunt straight bangs, that come till your eyebrows. For homecoming, just semi-tie this hairstyle, with a pretty pin and wear dangling earrings. Or tie your hair into a low bun, that is near the nape of your neck and leave some side strands loose.

And then, take a look at some cute pictures below!





Pick one of the cute hairdos for young girl mentioned above to enhance your appearance for every occasion. You just need to consider the style that appropriate at leisure, school time or even for formal event. It will quite fun when you can achieve the cute look all the time, right?








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