Cute Emo Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

While many popular hairstyles aspire to be timeless and classic, the emo look embraces its trendiness while still pushing the envelope on individual expression. Emo style is defined by alternative and punk-inspired dress and hairstyles. Though many emo hairstyles appear to be disheveled or unkempt, the best emo hairstyles require significant care and styling to achieve the right color, texture and shape.

Emo hairstyles for teenage girls come in many different variations, but all are characterized by the emo sweep, a fringed bang combed and hair-sprayed to one side of the head over one eye. Emo hairstyles typically emphasize the girl’s eyes, so makeup is applied to emphasize the eyes rather than the lips. If you want to be a part of your local emo scene, a proper hair styles is essential.

Mentioned below are some ideas of Emo hairstyles for teenage girls :


Short layers in the crown of an emo haircut allow the hair to have volume and height. The hair is often teased or ratted to create the lift. Hairspray and gel are used to lock the style in place. Wax and pomades keep the hair at the crown spiked and elevated. Shorter layers in the crown make the emo hairstyle versatile, and create interesting focal points.

Chunky Layers

Layered hairstyles are fairly standard, but add an emo-style twist by keeping layers chunky and uneven. Both boys and girls opt for distinctive layers of dark colored, straight hair. Razor cuts that leave the ends of the hair light and wispy are even more effective. Draw inspiration from the overworked layers of hairstyles from the 1980s; the bottom layers are clearly defined from the layers on top, rather than seamlessly incorporated. Include a large, chunky side bang that sweeps in front of the eye. Add textural and visual dimension with bold bands of unexpected colors; dark purple against black is a striking but subtle option, while chunky sections of bleach blond is dramatic and eye-catching.

Emo Mullets

the short emo mullet hairstyle is one of the most popular emo hairstyles for both males and females. This emo hairstyle is characterized by a long strand of hair in the back that is pulled over and sprayed to one side, similar to a comb-over effect in the front. In a modern emo mullet, the hair is cut in a shag layered style with the front being cut much shorter than the back. For a reverse modern mullet, the hair is long over the front and short in the back.

Emo Bob

Like the Emo mullet hair styles, the emo bob comes in many variations. Long and short bob haircuts are layered and fringed with the bangs falling across one eye in the typical emo peek-a-boo style. Emo bob haircuts are usually longer in the front and shorter in the back and can be razored in the back for emphasis

Long, Side-Swept Bangs

Whether the overall hair length is long or short, straight or spiky, perhaps the signature look for emo bangs is long, asymmetrical and swept to the side. They typically cover a huge portion of the face, sometimes even one eye. Dark tresses are usually streaked or chunky with bright highlights of just about any color. Heavy-duty styling products keep the hair in place, though many emo girls can be seen frequently smoothing bangs over to maintain the look–or perhaps to see from beneath it. Often, so much hair is swept across the forehead that the hair needs to be parted closer to the side of the head than the top.

Razor Cuts

A razor cut hairstyle gives a girl’s hair a spiky, choppy look that is favored by many emo teenagers. Actual razors are used to chop the hair’s ends. Razor cuts may be done in long, scraggly layers, resembling witches’ hair, or short and shiny and spiky like anime characters. Pieces of hair that surround the face are often cut with a razor, allowing spiky strands to fall over the eyes. Bangs can also be razor cut to fall over one eye. Asymmetrical and haphazard razor cuts are popular, as is the messy, rumpled look.

Short Emo Hair

If you have short hair, the best way to make it emo is by straightening it, followed by a quick tussle in the back. Make sure you have a little bit of hair product, or else your messy strands will fall flat again. As for your bangs, there are two routes you can go: very short, or very long. If you cut your bangs, make them about 2 inches long. For long bangs, grow them out as much as possible and sweep them to one side of your face.

Hair Color

Hair color plays an important role in achieving a cute emo girl hairstyle. Strong contrasts of raven black and platinum blond accentuate the sharp edges of the hairstyle. Chocolate brown and deep reds are combined to create the emo look. Bright color placement at the nape, such as hot pink can create unusual “peek-a-boo” highlights in an emo hairstyle.

The Emo Hairstyles for Teenage Girls Pictures

These were several emo hairstyles for teenage girls that complement the fashion well. These hairstyles were making a huge impression among teenage girls and boys. Emo hairstyle is a hot trend! So, if you are a young girl who is looking for different look, fun, cute, awesome hairstyle, then emo hairstyles could be your best choice!






4 thoughts on “Cute Emo Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

  1. Wow! Those people look gorgeous. Do you have anything for wavy, yet lifeless hair? Mine is boring. Nothing too major like teasing, but like the first picture up there on the top of the page? Thanks!
    -Dusk Rose <3

    • Hi Duck Rose,

      How about wavy partially shaved with different colors? try some colors like turquoise, light-green, soft blue, etc.
      I think, it’s pretty unique and not too major..
      To get a little more voluminous, you can go with choppy haircut. Then you can curl the ends or straighten it completely.
      for Emo styles actually you just need to experiment.

      Or if not, you can grab some pictures in here and give it to your hairstylist. ;)

      Thanks for visiting :D

      Have a good time!

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