Cool and Different Hairstyles for Men

As a modern men, it’s okay to explore yourself to get different hairstyles men.  Try some unique hairstyle that you never try before, it quite fun to make an experiment. Just don’t limit yourself for hairstyles. But if you afraid to make a change, perhaps you need to get more to know before you decide which style that you really want to try later.

Straight, long, medium, wavy, curly, short, doesn’t matter.  As long as you choose the right style it’ll suits you well.  Here are some ideas for different hairstyles men :
The Buzz:

The buzz or short curly hairstyle for men is one of the easiest to take care of. A person with this hairstyle doesn’t need to spend much time in preparation. These curls are easy to deal in comparison to medium or long hair. One should however take care to see that the style suits his face, i.e. the hairstyle should frame the face properly. Short hair too needs care and nourishment. Hair serums available in the market add shine and give a sporty look to one’s hair.

The Dread Hawk:

In the dread hawk hairstyle, hair is styled into dreadlocks. The hair might be pulled back or braided. Washing the hair with vinegar followed by keeping it without conditioning are the two important steps in styling. Conditioning shouldn’t be carried for 10 days after vinegar application. These hair which are dried for 10 days need to be twisted into locks and then combed back.

The Classic Taper Hairstyle
This is a popular hairstyle among many men who manage to sport medium length hair. This hairstyle is a nice blend of style and conservativeness. The hair is tapered at the back and sides, it is left long on the forehead so that it can be brushed back.

Porcupine hairstyles

Porcupine spikes are named thus because they stand up all over the head like the quills on a porcupine. These are smaller at the base than Liberty spikes and there are many more of them on the head. The hair is styled into random spikes that stand up all over the head.

Pompadour Hairstyle:

This is a hairstyle that was most popular in the 1950s and 60s. People started to wear this hairdo after it was sported by Elvis Presley. This haircut consists of all hair being combed backwards, with only the end kept curled. It can be well set using a quality hairspray and gel.

A Mullet:

If we take a look at a mullet haircut, it is like simple from the front and stylish from behind. Though this is a very old haircut for men, it surely looks a lot trendier to wear. In this hairdo, the hair at the front and side is trimmed, whereas the hair at the nape is left long. A lot many variations of the mullet are coming up nowadays in the youth culture.

Different hairstyles men it’s a big change. Could be true because that change I’ve been talking about is  a change in every appearance that in fact, you never styled like it before.  But if you are kind of person who love style  and always trying some new styles, then it doesn’t apply here.  Just give a try!




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