Cool and Chic Medium Hairstyles for Men

Almost all men sport hairstyles that reflect everything from musical tastes to career types. Male hairstyles are often based on what the top Hollywood celebrities are sporting and can quickly change. Men today like to be as stylish and noticeable as their female counterparts, and hairstyles have evolved to reflect this.

Medium  hair is the current hot trend, with several styles to fit any type of look. Mentioned below are some chic medium hair styles for men that can gives a new change look for you. Take a look!


The layered hairstyle is a classic cut that works for men who like to keep more manageable hair. The layers shape the hair and give it body. It’s a rather versatile cut where a man can look really refined and distinguished with proper combing, then unkempt or messy but still trendy the next day. Robert Downey, Jr. is one celebrity who often wears his hair layered and styles it neat or messy, depending on the event. Robert Pattison’s hair in Twilight is similarly cut this way, and has been called by GQ as the “Best Head of Hair on the Planet.” The style looks low-maintenance and carefree, but a layered hairstyle tends to become difficult to manage as it grows. It requires regular cutting and styling. Products like mousse or styling creams are needed to hold it or keep it neat.


For the messy “bedhead” look, all of your hair should be cut staggered at slightly different lengths (use scissors or shavers to randomly thin and shorten it in various areas). Put gel or pomade all over your hair and give it a tussle. Once everything is sticking out in different directions, you’ll have a bedhead look. If you don’t tussle the back and sides, letting them lay fall flat (or if they’re cut shorter), it will be a perfect look for a jock or preppy.


Emo, an offshoot of gothic and punk, encompasses everything from poetry and music to personal style. Emo culture focuses on the dark, emotional and melodramatic. The signature haircut for this androgynous look features the “emo swoop”–extremely long, side swept bangs often completely covering one side of the face. Devotees of the emo haircut prefer black hair with an occasional streak of contrasting color. The emo can be worn long, short, spiked or layered.

In the not so distant past, men were limited in their choices of hairstyles. They would select a cut from the chart on the barbershop wall. Today, trends in personal grooming and popular culture have opened the door to new and exciting alternatives in chic medium hair styles for men.

The Example Styles

Making the leap from the corner barber to the salon, men now expect innovative hairstyles ideas from their stylists. Consider creating a fresh look with these above chic medium hair styles for men. Slight variations and combinations of each haircut open the door to limitless possibilities.






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