Classy Graduated Bob Hairstyle for Women

There is nothing like a good hairstyle to make you feel great about yourself and at least temporarily dispel the blues. While most people tend to be fussy about the hair length and style while going in for a makeover, if you are the adventurous kind who is looking for a complete change, then a short hairstyle may be perfect for you. Bobs are classic short hairstyles. One of the most popular styles right now that you can opt for is the graduated bob which is take on the classic bob hairstyle that we are so used to seeing.




These  hairstyle can be styled and colored in many ways to create a unique look. Graduated bob hairstyle also look very elegant, and stylish, hence they are a good choice for office as well as parties.

The Cut

To cut your hair in this graduated bob hairstyle, cut your hair short at the nape of the neck and longer towards your face. The graduated layers should be properly cut to give body and movement to the cut. The sides should be neatly step cut to give the unique graduated haircut look. The parting can be a straight side one or an uneven side parting. To try a long bob haircut, cut your hair short near the nape of your neck, and long and graduated steps near your side of the face, but the length should be just above your chest, and part your hair in the middle. To create a unique look, you can try out some of these ideas with your bob haircut. To create an interesting look, style some hair wavy and some straight. You can also accompany your graduated haircut with sweeping side bangs. The bangs will make the graduate bob haircut look soft. To complement your graduated bob haircut with a fringe, there are two choices. First, you can go for a straight blunt fringe up to your eyebrows for a bold look. Second, you can cut your front hair in wispy fringe and sweep them sideways for a soft look or keep them straight for a cute look.

Ideas For Styling

  • The look can be made to look extremely versatile depending on how you style the hair. If you have a round face, then do not despair over the fact that this hairstyle will spell doomsday for you. In fact with long side swept bangs, this hairstyle is perfect for women with round faces. And Hair styled with side long sweeping bangs with black hair base and 4 – 5 red highlights in the bangs.
  • Layered graduated bob hairstyle is very popular with many women opting for gradual tapering instead of sharp angular cuts which gives the texture of the hair a more casual look. The length of the hair at the front can be as you want it, from earlobe length to collar length or the ever popular chin length.
  • Graduated bob with side bangs with black hair base and deep brown highlights.
  • Haircut with side bangs, with a blonde shade hair base, and highlights of darker blonde shade.
  • Graduated bob with blunt fringe for black hair, for a bold look.
  • Graduated bob with wavy and straight hair mix. Light brown hair base with deep brown highlights.
  • Style your hair with wispy side fringes till your eyes for a sexy look or till eyebrows for a soft look. Accompanied with deep reddish-brownish shade of hair base, and medium-dark brown highlights.

Choose hair coloring ideas which suit your eyes or skin tone. If the hair colors are chosen wrongly, the hair color can make your complexion look either dull or too bright.

Celebrity with graduated bob hairstyle?

Victoria Beckham

Ashley Simpson

No discussions about celebrity  graduated bob hairstyle is complete without mentioning the queen of style. Known for her edgy and individualistic style, Victoria Beckham has, over the years, gone for variations of different short hairstyles from close crops, gamine, pixie to bobs. Perhaps one her best looks is the one she is wearing now, which is a graduated bob. To get this look, ask your stylist to cut your hair in a graduated bob haircut which is about an inch and a half shorter in the back than the front. The cut should follow the lines of the jaw with long layers through the back and mid layers in the crown area. This gives the bob a lot of movement which looks modern and edgy. To style this kind of bob hairstyle, you can either flat iron your hair, or use small rollers to create waves at the sides. This hairstyle is extremely easy to maintain and do not need much hair care. When you are styling this hairstyle remember to always start blow drying from the back so that the volume of the hair is maximized and the style is maintained. If your hair is prone to frizz, then you should use hair care products like an anti-frizz serum to maintain the sleek look that is so essential to the hairstyle. When your hair is growing out, it may not look very appealing and therefore, it is important to go for regular trims so that the hairstyle does not look out of sorts. This style may be the perfect hairstyle for you if you are looking for adorable look that will ensure that you are the cynosure of any party you walk into.





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