Ciara Hairstyles

Ciara is a hip-hop superstar. She’s gorgeous, a good singer, young and has a beautiful hair! She has long hair which makes it easy to pull back into a low ponytail when she is getting hot on the dance floor. There are some variations when it comes to ciara hairstyles. Ciara hairstyles range from straight, curly and wavy. Her hair colors vary from dark black, honey brown, to dark brown. She sometimes has medium length hairstyles that are straight and cut perfectly, even she once had a short haircut but it still look very pretty on her.

And this year,  Ciara takes the ombre hair trend to a whole new level with platinum blonde lengths and very dark roots. Since she debuted her look in early Feb, the star has been seen several times wearing her ombre locks. And no one can’t deny it that the new Ciara hairstyles with her ombre does look so gorgeous! Here are some pictures of her ombre hair:

To get ombre hair like ciara, you can follow some steps below:

  1. Use a Permanent hair coloring. Then determine your hair color, and pick up a pack of dye that’s only 3-4 shades lighter than your natural.
  2. Part the hair down the middle and behind both ears to make three sections. Clip back all of the hair behind the ears, and clip the front two sections separately.
  3. Apply Vaseline to the hairline to protect the skin from staining by the dye. Spread a thin layer across the whole hairline close to the root.
  4. Mix the hair color according to the package directions. Do this just before use, as it begins to process as soon as it is mixed. Mixing too early can change the color outcome.
  5. Apply the color generously to the roots, starting in front. Use your fingers to spread the color down, about one-third of the length of the hair. The color should be most concentrated at the root, so do not reapply color more than an inch from the root.
  6. Use a tint brush or clean toothbrush to help spread the color down, stopping at uneven lengths to prevent a demarcation line where the hair color stops. For a more natural look, spread the color as you would lowlights, leaving some strands their natural shade.
  7. Apply a permanent hair color to the tips to lighten the ends for a more dramatic look. Do not attempt to lighten already-colored hair. The color should be lightest at the ends, so apply to the tips and use your fingers or a tint brush to spread the color up the hair. For a more natural look, lighten the ends with highlights, leaving some strands their natural shade.
  8. Allow the hair color to process according to package instructions.
  9. When the processing time is over, rinse and condition according to package instructions. Blow-dry and style.


These were the steps to get ombre hair like Ciara’s. Ombre hair employs a gradual contrast between light and dark colors, with the darker color at the top of the head. This look also softens sharp facial features. The look can be subtle, with naturally blending colors, or more intense, with chunkier, high-contrast colors. And also, this low-maintenance, trendy look is really popular in these days. If you want to emulate one of Ciara hairstyles, to achieve the best result, it is suggested to visit your favorite hairstylist. Ciara is a pretty woman, always look gorgeous with all styles, and something new from her is absolutely worth to be awaited!



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