Choppy Layered Hairstyles

Choppy hairstyles are generally derived from layered hairstyles. When both combined then this style is called a choppy layered hairstyles. This hairstyle is perfect for straight hair. If you have long sleek wavy straight hair, lucky you because there are many style that you can choose.  Though these hairstyles are mostly opted for straight hair, people with curly or wavy hair can also go for the choppy haircut by cutting their bangs or hair edges choppy.

These below are some choppy layered hairstyles, such as:


Depending upon the length of your hair you can style your hair in different ways. If you wish to go for a short haircuts or cute choppy layered haircuts, then opt for some pixie styles. For this you will have to keep the hair at the back, extremely short and some sweeping bangs in front.


Another great style is to go for a graduated bob haircut look. For this you will have to cut the hair at the nape of your neck real short, and tapering at the ends.


For people who want to keep a soft toned down look, so that such hairstyle can also be worn in the workplace, a normal layered long hairstyle is a good idea. Cut your hair in a layered style on the edges and use a razor, and flip your hair out.


It is good if you always accompany the choppy layered haircut with a fringe or some bangs. For a fringe, just take a section of the front hair, and cut it straight at the eyebrow level. This fringe will give a bold look, but to soften the fringe a bit, you can snip off the ends and run a razor along it.


Side sweeping bangs give a stylish and sexy look. Take a section of the front hair and part this in the middle. Then cut it till the middle of the nose and snip off the edges and run the razor to give a nice wispy look.


  1. Consider getting some chunky bright highlights or some subtle color streaks in your hair. To get a fresh look, you can go with bright colors and chunky highlights, for toned down look get highlights of subtler shades.
  2. To create an even more textured look in your hair, you can also consider getting some lowlights. Lowlights hair color ideas are good for a fall season, and create a subtle colored hair look.

Those styles are versatile and really suits you in any occasion. Party, casual, holiday? no problemo! you can opt which is the best choppy layered hairstyles for you.  Go to salon near you and ask about these ideas to your stylist.  It would be nice if you are satisfied with the results. Right?




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