Chin Length Hairstyles for Summer

Summer is coming! so you have a bunch plan of summer activities? Like swimming, BBq party, Biking, Shopping, and all summer stuff. Then you need some outfit and simple hairstyles that can complement your appearance during summer. Well, it’s all about the heat. When it comes to the summer hairstyles, all the matter is you should choose the shorter and the simplest one! Almost all short hairstyles are easy to manage. But, if you have short hair that doesn’t mean that there are limited hairstyle options, there are many hairstyle and hair color ideas one can try out on short hair length. Even people finding it hard to manage long hair can opt for chin length hairstyles. These are definitely good options of hairstyles during summer.

There are many chin length hairstyles one can go for. One can go for layers, angled,textured, choppy, etc.


Chin length hairstyles cut in angles framing the jawbone are another version of the bob haircut. Trendy variations can be wildly asymmetrical or mildly alternative. Angles can also accentuate curly hair, or angled hair can be curled for a more glamorous look


Textured hairstyles are advanced hairstyles that work on any current layered or bobbed chin-length hairstyle. They can also add dimension, volume, and artistic flair to straight or wavy hair. The hairstylist may chop up the layers and add geometric angles that fall along the jawline.

Layered Hairstyles

These are great hairstyles and there are various ways to cut your hair. These hairstyles look great no matter what hair type you have. People with wavy, fine, or curly hair can opt for these haircuts. You can go for a simple even front layered haircuts, or go for layered cut at the crown and base. Accompany them with side sweeping bangs. You can cut your hair to look neat or messy.

Funky Layers

If you want to experiment with a new haircut, ask for funky layers. This cut is chin length with layers of different lengths, some of which are very short. You can choose an edgy cut or a “nice girl” cut. These cuts can be styled with gel and a straightener to show off the layers. Another option is to let the haircut style itself, and let the layers fall into place naturally without any styling. This type of haircut adds volume to your hair as well as versatility. Hair can be smoothed for more formal occasions, or it can be tousled for a more messy, casual effect. Tell your stylist what you are looking for, and how many uneven, layered sections you really want. Keep in mind this cut requires some styling, and won’t work in a ponytail, since the choppy layers are too short.

Short Choppy Hairstyles

Choppy layered hairstyles are something which can be done on any kind of haircut, which can be layered, bob or graduated. These are good hairstyle options if you are bored with your plain straight or wavy hair. To get choppy hairstyles, you need to work on all your hair strands. Hold a hair strand at 45º angle, and then tilt your scissors and make a cut. This way work on all your hair strands, cut the strands at a different length to create a good-looking textured and choppy hairdo look.

Pixie Hairstyles

Today one can see various styles of bangs. Pixie hairstyles are very popular among women when it comes to short hairstyles. These hairstyles are very easy to maintain. In these styles the hair on the sides and back are cut into small crops, while some layers are added to the crown to add volume and style. With this style you can accompany long side bangs, which almost reach to the chin. This will give the hairstyle a trendy and cool look.

Example Styles for Chin Length’do

There are many hair color ideas you can try out on chin layered hairstyle. For summer, you can try some bright highlights. If you are going for graduated or choppy hairstyles, then you can also opt for chunky highlights. You can also consider coloring all your hair with a hair color which will give a good tinge of brown or red to your hair. Make sure you go for a hair color which goes with your eye color and complexion. If it is fall time, then consider going for lowlights. So, the summer time wont be hassled anymore, so choose these short chin length hairstyles! you can accompany them with cool hair color ideas, to make your hairstyle look even more unique and stylish in Summer!





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