Chic Messy Bun Hairstyle for Women

If you have long hair but get tired of a basic ponytail as an instant hair fix, try a messy bun. This hair style is a modern makeover to the classic bun, which is tight and clean. A messy bun gives you freedom to throw your hair up in minutes without worrying about loose strands. In fact, a successful messy bun requires unclean, slept-in hair. Whether you’re going to the gym or out with your friends, the messy bun is a good choice.

There are some ideas for messy bun hairstyles. Let’s take a look!

The Classic Bun

The most common way to create a messy bun is to start by putting your hair into a ponytail. Divide the ponytail into sections, twist them up to the base of the ponytail and secure with a bobby pin. For a messier look, pull out a few chunks of hair in random places. Set the messy bun with a small amount of hair spray. The placement of your ponytail effects the fullness of the bun on top of your head. A higher ponytail creates more volume while a lower one creates a flatter look on top.

French Braid Bun

Begin a french braid with dry hair at the hairline above the forehead. Braid the top of the head, stopping when you reach the middle of the head. At this point, gather all remaining hair into a pony tail and create a messy bun with the remaining hair. For a variation of this look, create two french braids, one on each side of the head. Have the braids meet in the middle at the messy bun or make two messy buns.

Curly Messy Bun

Lightly brush dry hair enough to remove any tangles but not so much that it smooths out completely. Gather the top half of the hair around the crown of your head, and backcomb it gently to create a little fullness. Using a soft elastic hairband, pull all your hair into a ponytail. Leave any short front pieces loose on each side of your face. Separate the ponytail into half-inch portions and curl each with a thin-barreled curling iron. Don’t make the curls tight, as this defeats the purpose of a messy bun. Run your fingers through the curls and wind the bulk of the ponytail around its base. Secure the bun with another elastic band, several small claws or several bobby pins. To create an even messier look, take two fingers and randomly pick out sections of the bun to leave loose.

Scrunched Messy Bun

Another idea of messy bun hairstyles is scrunched messy bun. This style works well in hair that is naturally wavy or curly. Using a wide-tooth pick comb, detangle wet hair and run a handful of alcohol-free styling mousse through your hair. Flip your head upside-down and use both hands to squeeze large portions of your hair into wavy curls; this is called scrunching. Section off a small portion of hair at the front of your scalp, and backcomb it to create fullness on the top of the crown. Secure this section by criss-crossing two bobby pins. Gather the ends of this section with remaining hair into an elastic ponytail holder, loosely wind the hair around the base of the ponytail and secure it with another hairpiece, bobby pins or small claws. Apply some finishing hair spray around the bun to keep its shape and prevent strays from falling out.

This style can also be used as an up-do, so if you do not want the securing hairpieces to show, use bobby pins instead of a hairband or claws.

Messy Bun Hairstyle Pictures

A messy bun is a quick and easy hairstyle that many younger women prefer. It is a great choice for a morning, when time is tight, and it can be modified for various occasions. A messy bun works well with most types of hair, but short styles may not hold as well. Start with clean, dry hair. So, don’t hesitate to try messy bun hairstyles to jazz up your days. Even me, really love to wear it, hope you will like it too! Cheers!







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