Chic and Romantic Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair

Bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair should be elegant, romantic, chic and beautiful looking styles. However, they shouldn’t be too flattering styles. Often some elegant styles with few hair accessories, do a great job to complement a beautiful bridesmaid dress. Pulling the hair up into a half up style is perfect. In this hairstyle, the top part of the hair is swept back while the rest of it remains down. Use flowers and sparkly clips to decorate the hair. If the bridesmaids are wearing their hair up, a formal updo with cascading curls that come out of the top, is beautiful.

There are many Bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair from which you can consider one that suits your dress. If your dress is a simple short cute one, then going with some hair down styles are a good idea, to wear relaxed looking styles. But, if your dress is a long beautiful gown then some updo hairstyle is a good idea. However, if it is a theme wedding, then consider wearing a hairstyle, which is worn normally with the dress. For example, if it is a beach wedding, then styling your hair beach wavy and wearing them down, and tucked one side behind the ear is a good idea.

A bun is a popular look among bridesmaid hairstyles. The bun should be placed low on the back of the head. The hair can be styled loose or tightly pinned. Either option creates a simple, timeless look. The simplicity of this style helps keep the attention on the bride who may have a more elaborate hairstyle. A bun works well with any face shape or bridesmaid dress style. If the wedding is during a warm season or takes place outside, this hairdo is preferred, as it keeps the hair off of the neck and out of the face.

A simple yet glamorous looking wedding hairstyles for bridesmaid with long hair is the curly hairstyles. To create a beautiful looking style, simple side part your hair, and use a hot iron to curl up your long hair. Make sure you create soft big curls, and keep the hair till the chin straight and below it curly. Then wear dangling earrings and you are ready to rock.

To create sexy looking updos for weddings try the messy styles. You can create this hairstyle for long hair. Comb all your hair back, and then create bun and secure it near the nape of the neck. Then take out hair strands from sides and near the nape of the neck to give it a messy look. You can also go for side updos for weddings.


Tips :


  1.  If you’re a bridesmaid, do try to be objective about the styles the bride has suggested. Remember, it is her big day, and after that, you’re free to style your hair any way you wish! Of course, you should still make your opinion known, but be willing to compromise if need be.
  2.  If every bridesmaid has a different length or type of hair, the styles don’t necessarily have to be exactly the same, as long as they’re all tied in together with coordinating accessories. Even something as simple as the same colored ribbon or flower, or solitary barrette is enough to cause an air of continuity.
  3.  Less is always more. See that the headpieces or hair accessories do not overshadow the actual hairstyles. Besides, the more barrettes, bobby pins, and hair clips that are used, the better the chances are that at least a few of the women are going to have trouble keeping everything in place.

So, pick up a style from the above ideas which you like the most, and follow the tips mentioned above, to create the gorgeous bridesmaid hairstyle for long hair. Make sure you wear some pretty hair accessories to make your style look even better. To maintain your hairstyle for longer, apply some hair spray after the hair style is done.







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