Chestnut Brown Hair Color

Some say that Chestnut brown hair color is going to be a very obvious brown with slight red undertones. The others say; It’s a medium to dark brown color that has less red than auburn. It’s like it has red and golden tones all at once. Then you can really see the difference when compared to different shades of brown. Some of these opinions can be true. Chestnut hair is reddish shade of brown hair. Comparing with auburn hair color, chestnut is more brown. The pigments that cause the coloration of chestnut hair are frequently brown eumelanin with stronger levels of pheomelanin. that’s why this hair color often called as chestnut brown.

if you looking for darker brown hair color to dye your hair, perhaps chestnut brown hair color is the best choice for you. and chestnut brown hair color would be very suitable for long straight and wavy hair. because it will make your look more elegant and trendy.
Chestnut brown hair color also suits for fall season. For summer, bright chunky highlights for a sun kissed look are opted. Chunky which are thick hair highlights of mostly gold or other bright shades on a base of dark hair color, stand out well and thus give a beautiful summer look. But not with fall. However, when it comes to choosing new hair color for fall, you need to tone it down. This is because during fall, people tend to stay indoors and the exposure of hair to the sunlight is less. Therefore, the chestnut brown hair color would be more suitable for you in fall season.

Then, how about the highlight? what’s the best highlight for chestnut brown hair color? The most suitable highlight for chestnut-brown hair color will be streaks of rich golden brown. You can wear this look comfortably at a party or at a meeting since it appears funky as well as decent. Gold blond highlights make the perfect ‘highlighting’ factor for chestnut hair.

All I can say, these hair color is great color. Don’t hesitate for give a try, and if you already have these color in your hair, you should try to get some highlight/lowlight on it!









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