mature mens hairstyles3

Mature Men’s Hairstyles

Hairstyles for mature men have to be flexible enough to accommodate thinning or receding hair, but still stylish enough to make a man feel like a million bucks. If you still have a full head of hair, then you will also have many more styling options. Many mature men favor wearing their hair in a [...]

pubic hairstyles for men

Pubic Hairstyles for Men

With the modern age taking over our lives in ways more than one, and hairstyle has been one of the major areas that have witnessed this influence of modern age. In the name of style and fashion, people are setting new trends with every passing day, and there is no denying this fact! The modern [...]

50 s mens hairstyles

50′s Men Hairstyles

During the Second World War, the British fashion market grabbed all opportunities, which was an attempt to capture a portion of the American market and flood it with British apparel. British fabrics were of exceptional quality being made with fine materials and knitted in royal designs. Winter collections like knitted sweater dresses with crew, cowl [...]