2012 hairstyles

2012 Hairstyles for Young Men

It’s 2012! More young men are choosing to style their hair than ever before. Young men need to be more open-minded, and not fear to try some new different 2012 hairstyles and colors. They can go for straight to curly style, or white to red hair color. Adopting some fresh new 2012 hairstyles can totally [...]

edgy hairstyles 13

Edgy Hairstyles for Men

Edgy hairstyles are unconventional yet attractive haircuts.  For men, who want to edgy styles many options are available; most require simple salon assistance or just a few supplies to use at home. Mentioned below are some ideas of the edgy hairstyles for men that might can give a new change into an edgy look. Shaved [...]

sophisticated hairstyles

Sophisticated Hairstyles for Men

Sophistication is not just limited to the feminine side of the world, but has its wings spread even in the masculine world. What differentiates a man from a boy, is his gentleman like demeanor and his level of sophistication. Men have a wide variety of sleek and suave hairstyles to choose from in today’s fashion-sensitive [...]

gothic hairstyles8

Gothic Hairstyles for Men

The Goth look had its roots in the late 1970s post-punk scene in the United Kingdom; by the 1980s, the look was distinctive. Some ’80s Goths grew their hair extremely long and wore it straight down, but the majority preferred a layered cut that allowed for more volume when styled. Besides black colour, key elements [...]

1920s hairstyles1

1920′s Hairstyles for Men

The 1920s saw a great change in hairstyles and fashion. In an era that was characterized by lifestyle changes and freedom of expression, hairstyles reflected this changing culture. It was mainly youth culture that instigated this change, however, it was soon adopted by older generations. In this decade, men’s hair styling was a simpler and [...]