Beautiful Hairstyles for African-American Women

Many African-American women face lots of problems when it comes to hairstyles. But it is long gone, because now, there are many hairstyles for African-American women to be chosen. Black hairstyles have come a full circle with the introduction of styles, especially suited to the African-American women. Good hairstyles are not just all about straight, [...]


The Different Types of Braids

There are several different types of braids but they are typically created with a few basic braiding methods. Three-strand braids, or over braids, are created by alternately crossing strands of hair over the center strand. Three-strand under braids are made by crossing the hair strands under the center strand Braids can be made on short [...]


Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Victoria Beckham is probably the most photographed and followed woman in the world. Victoria Beckham is often considered one of the most stylish women on the planet. Victoria Beckham hairstyles and her wardrobe reflect the most current trends in the worlds of fashion and beauty. So it’s no surprise that people everywhere are wondering how [...]


The Most Popular Trendy Teenage Hairstyles

Teenage years mean time for experimentation, For any teenager, making the right first impression always counts. Take a peek into the lives of these teens and you will notice they are very finicky when it comes to looking good and always want to put their best foot forward, as teens who are eager for something [...]


Stunning and Cute Hairstyles for School Girls

What style you wear while often being in school? ? pigtails or just wear a hair clip? and now you feel so-so-so bored with that style? calm down my dear, in this article I’ll discuss some of the new styles that may be an option for you. There are many cute hairstyles for school girls, [...]


Fantastic Korean Hairstyles for Boys

Today is a time where k-pop got so much attention. especially with korean boysband, such as; super junior, t-max, dbsk, SS501, JYJ, bigbang, 2pm is the most successful boyband in Korea who became a barometer fashion and music there. therefore, Many girls are fascinated with the appearance of them. Knowing this, many boys try to [...]