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Micro Braid Hairstyles

Micro braids hairstyles are versatile and long lasting. You might have seen many African-Americans women wearing the micro braids. Hair braiding is not any more a fashion restricted to them . Micro styles are appropriate for everything from ponytails to curly updos. They are perfect for special occasions and ideal for everyday wear. Although micros [...]

bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair

The Beautiful Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair

Bridesmaid hair styles make big impact on the overall harmony of a wedding. Bridesmaid hair styles are a topic of interest mostly in every salon. The wedding hair styles that are chosen by the bride and bridesmaids, in combination with the bridal dress and bridesmaid’s dresses, help to complete the theme of the wedding. Bridesmaid [...]


Summer Hairstyles for Wedding

Summer is one of the most popular seasons to get married and with that many different hairstyles can be worn for the bride. From classic chic to modern sophisticated. Always choose a style that flatters your dress as well as your own personal taste. During the summer weather many brides adore wearing flowers in their [...]


Chic and Romantic Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair

Bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair should be elegant, romantic, chic and beautiful looking styles. However, they shouldn’t be too flattering styles. Often some elegant styles with few hair accessories, do a great job to complement a beautiful bridesmaid dress. Pulling the hair up into a half up style is perfect. In this hairstyle, the top [...]