mullet haircut

The Mullet Haircut

The mullet haircut is one of the classic haircut. In the United States the mullet was trendy in the 1970s, 1980s, an’ early 1990s, although in different forms – plain and spikey in the 70s, often bouffant and blonde highlighted in the 80s; the style has on account of the early 90s, become the subject [...]

caesar haircut

The Caesar Haircut

The Caesar haircut, named after Julius Caesar, has been made famous by actor George Clooney. The Caesar haircut was an especially popular hairstyle during the 1990s It is characterized by a short, cropped cut with even bangs, which can be worn down or gelled up and back. The Caesar hairstyle includes sideburns, with lightly razored [...]

flat top haircut

The Flat Top Haircut

flat top haircut is a type of very short haircut that similar to the crew cut. The largest difference between this and a crew cut is that the hair around the top of the head is left longer. This means that a flat top will grow out quickly and will need maintenance cuts performed every [...]

fohawk haircut

Fohawk Haircut for Men

The Fohawk also known as faux hawk haircut is a hairstyle that is quite famous among working professionals as well as party people. The Fohawk haircut is the modern variation of the traditional Mohawk style of 80s. This haircut is pretty much similar to the Mohawk hairstyle, with the only difference being the hair is [...]

classic mens haircuts5

The Classic Men’s Haircuts

Classic mens haircuts is back! The fact is so many barbers was asked for these haircuts these days. Even all young guys started to love it. This classic cut, such as; the classic ivy league, the classic tapered cut, the classic short Caesar cut, the classic crew cut, brush cut, and curly retro haircut almost [...]

tapered haircut8

Tapered Haircut

Though there are a variety of haircut types available, many people prefer a tapered haircut over other styles. A tapered hair cut starts with longer hair on the top of the head and gradually decreases to shorter lengths, with the shortest lengths resting along the ears and neckline. Originally, a tapered haircut is short and [...]

razor cut hairstyles

Razor Cut Hairstyles

Razor cut hairstyles can make hair look modern, sleek and stylish. This type of cut presents an aura of confidence that’s harder to pull off with a simple bob or bun, and is best achieved by a professional with the proper tools. The best hair for razor cuts: short, thick, and straight. You’ll get a [...]