Sultry Bob Hair Styles

Sultry Bob Hairstyles

A flattering hairstyle is imperative to looking and feeling terrific. One versatile hairstyle for women of all ages is a bob.The bob hairstyle is classic and has many variations for different hair types and facial shapes. With any type of bob haircut, you can create a professional and polished look for work, a casual or [...]

texturized hairstyles3

The Texturized Hairstyles

Texturized hairstyles have become one of the hottest hair trends. They’re easy to maintain, making them a great hairstyle for someone who’s short on time. Texturized hair work for many hair types. Texturizers often use the same active chemicals as relaxers, but are left in for a shorter time. Those with texturized hair have hair-care [...]

blue black hair dye

Blue Black Hair Dye

Some people dye their hair to provide a lighten or darken their hair for a natural look. However, other people chose to dye their hair an unnatural shade or mix such as black and blue. Blue black hair dye seems to be one of the new generation’s alternative for fashion. Dying someone’s hair with black [...]

hipster haircuts for women

Cool Hipster Haircuts for Women

Hipster is a slang term used to describe youth of the contemporary subculture who are often identified as young, middle-class urbanites with broad interests in independent works, particularly in music, film, and art that does not reach a mainstream audience. The definition of the term “hipster” has evolved since it was originally coined in 1940s [...]