cute ponytail hairstyles1

Cute and Chic Ponytail Hairstyles

Ponytails are the most utilitarian of hairstyles and have many variations on the theme. They are especially useful for women and men with long hair, to prevent tangling while engaged in active pursuits. Ponytails are classic, cute and chic hairstyles that suit any number of activities and personalities. But while many people think of these [...]

brunette highlights

Brunette Highlights

Brunette hair is beautiful, but sometimes a person just wants to mix things up. If you are feeling bored with your hair, try adding highlights or lowlights.  To get multi-tonal hair colors, you can use both lowlights and highlights. Women with dark hair may want to keep things fairly natural and within one or two [...]

sophisticated hairstyles

Sophisticated Hairstyles for Men

Sophistication is not just limited to the feminine side of the world, but has its wings spread even in the masculine world. What differentiates a man from a boy, is his gentleman like demeanor and his level of sophistication. Men have a wide variety of sleek and suave hairstyles to choose from in today’s fashion-sensitive [...]

90s hairstyles

90′s Hairstyles for Women

The 1990s is remembered as a transitional period where wild ’80s styles slowly went out of style and people dressed and looked more conservative than the decade prior. Volume was still in vogue with some hairdos, especially compared to super-straight, sleek modern day styles, but ’80s techniques like ratting and spraying hair to achieve maximum [...]