greasy hair

Greasy Hair Solutions

Do you have greasy hair? No worries. These days, there is a variety of solutions to take care of it. You just need to use the right product at the right time and incorporate a proper hair care regime. Greasy hair is the term used to denote flat, limp hair that clumps together with a [...]

Chemically Straightened Hair

Chemically Straightened Hair

No doubt that chemically straightened hair can give you a whole new appearance, and the process can finally bring your unruly hair under control. But you need to know more before you go for it. Chemical hair straightening is one such way to tame the unmanageable locks and curls. This technology was invented in Japan [...]

wen hair care reviews

Wen Hair Care Reviews

If you looking for good hair care, perhaps you should give a try for wen hair care. Wen hair care products are advertised to be the best product that you can possibly get in the market right now. Be it on the Internet, radio, or your television sets, Wen products are talked about everywhere. WEN [...]


Cellophane Hair Treatment

Want more shiny hair? Try a cellophane hair treatment! It consists of covering the hair with a long-term shine product. A clear glossing agent fills in weak or damaged areas of the hair shaft and seals the cuticle layer. It is called a “cellophane” treatment because it acts like cellophane for the hair. In other [...]


The Coppola Keratin Treatment

The Coppola keratin treatment is another form of a keratin smoothing treatment. It is meant for women who struggle with frizzy, course, and curly hair and want their hair smooth and silky in a permanent and healthy way. Coppola uses the ingredient keratin, to work its magic. Coppola asserts that the treatment leads to noticeably [...]


Prenatal Vitamins and Hair Growth

Prenatal Vitamins are the best nutrients for hair growth, even some say it’s a miracle nutrients. But only when they are taken in a prudent manner. Prenatal vitamins are those supplements which are specifically formulated for women who are pregnant and have special needs during this prenatal stage, due to their vital ingredients such as [...]