huetiful hair steamer

The Huetiful Hair Steamer Reviews

Hair Steamers are designed specifically to resolve the most challenging hair frustrations dry hair, breakage, split ends, and scalp itch or discomfort. Hair steamers work by creating fine water vapors that penetrate the hair cuticle and opens it to allow for more efficient absorption of conditioners and treatments into the swelled hair shaft. After deep [...]

brocato smoothing treatment

Brocato Smoothing Treatment

Get yourself into straight hair style! without any fuss or headache. If you’d love to get smooth, silky locks but you’re wary of the formaldehyde in a Brazilian Blow Dry then Brocato smoothing treatment could be a great alternative. The treatment is flexible, with temporary and semi-permanent options available, so even if you just fancy [...]

monistat for hair growth

Monistat for Hair Growth

What is Monistat hair growth? Monistat is a anti-fungal medication used most often for vaginal yeast infections. There comes in the use of Monistat not to treat vaginal fungal infections but to maintain a healthy scalp free of fungal infections that might cause inhibition of growth. How to Use Monistat Hair Growth? Mix one tube [...]

aloe vera gel for hair1

The Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel for Hair

Do you have any problem with hair? Aloe Vera gel can be used as a medicine for many hair and skin problems. Aloe Vera gel is widely known for its soothing, cooling skin care applications, but somewhat lesser known are its benefits to the hair and scalp. Aloe Vera gel can be purchased from many [...]

home remedies for frizzy hair

Home Remedies for Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is an indication that your hair is not in a proper hydrated state. In other word, it does not have enough moisture that can keep it soft and smooth. It looks dull and rough all the time. Treating frizzy hair can be an expensive undertaking when it is done at a salon. Frizzy [...]

beta sitosterol hair loss

Beta Sitosterol for Hair Loss

Beta sitosterol is a plant sterol that is found in nearly all plants. Beta sitosterol has a chemical structure that is much like that of cholesterol, and is white and waxy in nature. Foods containing Beta sitosterol include soybeans, rice bran, wheat germ and corn oils. This natural plant extract also used to stop hair [...]

telogen effluvium1

Telogen Effluvium Treatment

Telogen Effluvium is the result of some form of shock to your body, whether emotional or physical. Factors such as stress, high fever, hormonal disturbances or nutritional deficiencies can contribute to Telogen Effluvium. This process is the second-leading cause of baldness. When you develop Telogen Effluvium, your hair abruptly forces its roots into a resting [...]

hair loss prevention4

Hair Loss Prevention

Are you suffering from hair loss and don’t know what to do about it? Panicking and trying new things will definitely worsen the situation than help. Just don’t fret! there are some remedies to prevent hair loss. But before we discuss about it, you need to know the causes of hair loss first. The cause [...]

coarse hair

How to Dealing with Coarse Hair

Having coarse hair can make it difficult to achieve your desired hairstyle. Coarse hair is prone to dryness and breakage and can make life really irksome for a person. The texture of the hair; be it silky soft or coarse depends on the size and shape of the hair follicle. Genetics determines the size and [...]