Pravana Hair Color

The striking colors become an attractive option for coloring hair at the moment. It’s quite funky and trendy at the same time when you wear it right on your hair. Despite your ages, younger or older, doesn’t matter at all. It’s no big deal as long as the colors suits you well. Like purple, pink, [...]

medium mahogany brown hair color2

Medium Mahogany Brown Hair Color

Mahogany or plum is the most fun hair color you can wear as an olive-skinned woman. It is deep and edgey, while still being a color that can be worn in everyday settings at work and school. If you long for a sense of adventure with your looks yet your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to [...]


L’Oreal Preference Hair Color

Nobody  wants to buy an expensive hair coloring products. As soon as that first gray hair appears, the realization that you are going to be dying your hair every six weeks, until you are six feet under, can be daunting. But if you are concerned enough about those telltale gray hairs to dye your hair, [...]

Hair Color Canger

Hair Color Canger

A  new  hair color changer may make us look good and feel better, when the proper the first is decided on. Grey tresses are essentially decline of shade pigment inside the locks hair follicle all together. If we have got our own grey hair tinted that brings degree as well as color to the skin [...]


Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color

Are you thinking about hair coloring? but you haven’t take a choice? which is the best hair dye product for you? it’s okay to consider which is the best one. But for a try, there’s nothing wrong to give a chance for Clairol natural instincts hair color. Clairol natural instincts hair color is a temporary [...]


Dark Auburn Hair Color

Dark auburn is an elegant hair color, as the red and brown have both been intensified. Dark auburn hair color has red tones and will be best for someone with either warm toned skin with peachy tones as opposed to yellow tones, or someone with the natural complexion of a redhead. Olive toned people should [...]

Chestnut brown hair color

Chestnut Brown Hair Color

Some say that Chestnut brown hair color is going to be a very obvious brown with slight red undertones. The others say; It’s a medium to dark brown color that has less red than auburn. It’s like it has red and golden tones all at once. Then you can really see the difference when compared [...]

Medium Reddish Brown Hair Color1d

Medium Reddish Brown Hair Color

Medium reddish brown hair color is like auburn color but more darker. This shade has red tones and will be flattering on people with warm toned or cool toned skin but probably not olive toned skin. And some hair color products that appropriate with medium reddish brown hair color is; L’Oreal Excellence 5RB Medium Reddish [...]


The Best Hair Color ideas for Medium Skin Tones

Medium skin tones is spectrum spans skin tones from light beige to olive or deep tan. Normally, this tone can be found in middle east, Latin American and Asia.  If you have medium skin tone and thinking to dye your hair? then you must choose which color is right for you.  Here are some ideas [...]


Dark Hair Color Ideas

Dark hair color is mysterious and sexy when worn right. In fact, there are a lot of dark hair color ideas which are wonderful because they allow girls to look amazing even if dark hair isn’t exactly suitable for them. As long as you get the right dark shade, you will be able to have [...]