Casual Updos for Medium Length Hair

Casual updos are a simple way to change the look of your hair without spending a lot of time on it. Casual updos are easy to do to do on most lengths of hair, helping you look put together for a night out or daytime event. For medium-length hair you can opt many options because the hair is longer and therefore easier to arrange in different styles.

Whether you decide to create a simple bun or you want to do a curly updo, each style is DIY with just a few products like hairspray, mousse and bobby pins. Creating a casual updo allows you to experiment with your look for any occasion. Given below is a few idea of casual updos for medium length hair for you:

Messy Buns and Twits

Messy buns can be created by pulling the hair into a ponytail or side ponytail, curling pieces of the hair and randomly pinning them to the back of the head.Messy twists can be made by pulling some or all of the hair back, twisting it and pinning it with hair clips.

Teased Updo

For occasions that you wish to spend more time on the hair, teased updos are fashionable and easy to do at home. Apply mousse to damp hair and blow dry, gently brushing the hair with the fingers to keep it from getting tangled. Once the hair is dry, take the hair at the crown of the head and separate it into two-inch sections. Hold the hair up and spray lightly with hairspray, and then backcomb it with a fine tooth comb from the end of the hair down to the roots until you have created the desired amount of volume. Once you have teased all sections of the hair, pull it back into a loose bun, smoothing out the top of the teased sections.


One of the easiest casual updos for medium length hair is a bun. Whether you want a sleek look or a casual bedhead-type bun, this look is quick and simple for days there is no extra time for putting together a formal style. To do a bun, you only need some bobby pins and hairspray.

Casual Updos for Medium Length Hair Pictures

When time is of the essence, simply gather all of your hair into a low ponytail, then twist it upward and secure it with a claw. Pull a few strands loose to frame the face and enjoy the easiest style possible! Whether you’re looking for a style that is simple in terms of the look or in terms of the time it takes to create, a few ideas of casual updos for medium length hair above will leave you looking chic and sophisticated and are perfect for any occasion.





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