Caramel Hair Color

Caramel is rich, soft shade of gold that can complement many hair colors. Depending on the manufacturer, caramel hues can also be called light golden brown or dark iridescent blonde, and it is important to understand that even within the shade “caramel” there is some variation for the darkness and golden tint of the color.

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What some manufacturers call caramel, others may call toffee or butterscotch, or those sweet alternatives may actually be separate hair colors.  Caramel hair color works best on those with warm skin tones, if you have very yellow undertones to your skin, caramel shades could end up making your skin look quite sallow.

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Rich caramel shades also really complement warm blondes or brunettes,  it’s probably best to avoid caramel color if you have any red tones in your hair, as they could turn brassy. Not a good look! There are quite a range of tones covered by the term ‘caramel’, from dark, honey caramel hair color to deeper, rich brown caramel shades, so make sure you pick the right shade for you.

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After several ideas for caramel hair color above,  what next? how about caramel highlights? If you are planning to go in for caramel highlights, it is not just your initial hair color that you should consider, but your skin color, eye color and overall personality too. Only if you think that caramel highlights will suit you and highlight your best features, that you should go ahead with them.

For someone with dark brown hair, caramel highlights are the perfect choice as they lend a kind of richness to brunette hair. Caramel highlights for brown hair look best if they are positioned in a way to frame the face. Caramel highlights which blend with the whole hair, look good on brown haired women too. So, if you have brown hair you can consider getting streaks of caramel color throughout your hair.

Black Hair
Black and caramel are totally opposite colors. So if someone wants to create a contrasting, dramatic look, then have caramel highlights on black hair. To make it look even more striking, women with black hair can consider getting only the tips of their hair highlighted in caramel color. Another idea which will make you stand out in a crowd is to get chunks of hair highlighted in caramel color at two three places in your hair.

Light Brown Hair
Women with really light brown hair or those who have blond hair, should consider having lowlights with deep caramel color instead of highlights. Deep caramel colored highlights will add some depth to your hair. Highlights of caramel color may not look so great since caramel is quite close to your natural color and thus, caramel colored highlights will get lost in the natural color of your hair.

How to maintain?

Caramel hair color is fairly easy to maintain in comparison to shades like red and blonde, which are prone to fading and dry out the hair. It’s still ideal to use color-safe shampoos and conditioners, such as Redken Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner, to keep your color looking beautiful and vibrant. If you have a dry hair type, consider using an argan oil shampoo and conditioner system, which is suitable for color-treated hair.

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Caramel can be a great shade for lightening up your look. Since there are various shades of caramel brown hair color, it’s ideal to talk to an experienced hair stylist to determine which shade is right for you.

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