Brocato Smoothing Treatment

Get yourself into straight hair style! without any fuss or headache. If you’d love to get smooth, silky locks but you’re wary of the formaldehyde in a Brazilian Blow Dry then Brocato smoothing treatment could be a great alternative. The treatment is flexible, with temporary and semi-permanent options available, so even if you just fancy flirting with straight hair, Brocato smoothing treatment could provide the answer.

Product Claims :

Formaldehyde-Free, Safe Smoothing! Infuse your hair with ultra-smooth texture and exceptional shine.  Brocato’s Curlinterrupted™ 2.0 is the latest version of the coveted smoothing system designed to relax the most rebellious hair. Still formulated without the toxic ingredients found in many other smoothing systems, Brocato has now added a professional shampoo and retail protein spray. Experience these new additions at Compagnia della Bellezza.

Relax Your Hair’s Rebellious Nature with the Curlinterrupted Smoothing System

Experience ultra-smooth texture and exceptional shine.

  • Free of toxic chemicals found in many other smoothing systems.
  • Three options let you choose between temporary, semi-permanent and demi-permanent results.
  • At-home temporary system can be used every time you wash.
  • Semi-permanent results last 2-3 weeks.
  • Demi-permanent results last 10-12 weeks as hair gradually returns to its original texture.
  • Safe to use on color-treated hair.
  • Frizz is completed eliminated.
  • Styling is quicker and easier.

Suitable for both wavy and curly hair, the amount of product used can be adapted depending on the length and texture of your mop. These product is available at the Ultra stores. But before you purchase, you need to read some reviews about Brocato smoothing treatment for the good.

Pros review :

With the increasing popularity of smoothing treatments and relaxers, it’s clear that sleek, straight hair is a look that many of your clients desire. But some of those clients won’t be interested in having their curls smoothed out for an extended period of time. This choice between staying curly and going straight either permanently or for a very long time has left a gap in the market – and this is where Brocato’s new CurlInterrupted Smoothing System comes in.  In addition to the line of CurlInterrupted shampoo, treatment and balms the you and your clients have come to love,  Brocato now offers  you a smoothing system to let your clients go straight for 7-10 shampoos, or 10-12 weeks. The semi-permanent treatment that lasts 7-10 shampoos uses the CurlInterrupted Shampoo & Treatment, followed by use of the new CurlInterrupted Keratin Protein Spray, VibraSTRAIT Flat Iron and ACTIVES Infusion Restorative Serum.  The demi-permanent treatment that lasts up to 12 weeks uses all the same products as the semi-permanent treatment, with the additional step of using the CurlInterrupted Smoothing Gel. -by slnsrvcsnw

Cons review:

I have had this treatment. Previously, I had the keratin treatment, which I loved. It leaves your hair smoother, but you can still make it curl. I don’t recommend the brocato treatment, based on my experience. It will take ALL the curl out of your hair, and your hair will no longer hold any curl, at all, no matter what you do. Further, it has left my hair somewhat frizzy and unmanageable. The ends look like they’re split (the keratin treament gave me beautiful looking ends). Also, if you color your hair it will take the color out of your hair. I had to wait 2 days before I could get my hair dyed, and in the meantime, I looked awful. The keratin treatment doesn’t take the color out. I’m an Ulta customer, and if they don’t get the keratin treatment back, I’m going to go to another salon to get it. -by bboysmom

Whether you decide to go with Brocato smoothing treatment or not, it’s all yours. The matter is being smart and careful in using any hair products. Hair is the best asset in the human body, so be safe and loved your hair always!






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