Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Short Hair

If you have a short hair, and already asked to be a bridesmaid for friends or fams, then you need to find the perfect hairstyle that suit your short hair. But you have to remember, don’t be too overshadow  the bride’s hairstyle. Just do it simple but elegant. Bridesmaid hairstyles for short hair is generally easier and quicker to work with as there’s little to no work to be done to achieve the perfect effect.

There are a few selections of elegant styles that work best on shorter hair. With a few tips you’ll make a beautiful complement to the bride.

Partially Pin Curled

This style is elegant and fun for a younger bridesmaid with a chin-length or longer bob. Take clean, dry hair and make a part down the middle. Next, make a second and third part on both sides of the first part. Your hair will look as if your have two sections of hair on either side. The sections should be about 1 1/2-inch wide. Next take a bobby pin and pin curl both sections. Spray the pin curls with hairspray and then comb out the rest of your hair to make it neat. After the ceremony you can take out your pin curls for an elegant, gentle curl that frames your face.

Sleek Pageboy

Another bridesmaid hairstyles for short hair is sleek pageboy. This style couldn’t be simpler for cropped hair. Take clean hair and blow dry with a smoothing cream to get the hair smooth and straight. Use a paddle brush for the front sections to get them very straight. Once hair is completely dry, part it to the side and brush it smooth. Spray a heat protectant on the ends of your hair. Flat iron the hair in small sections about ½ inch wide or even less wide if you wish. Once the entire hair is straightened, comb your bangs out to the front and apply a shine spray to give the look a healthy sheen.


Still with short hair, of course you can go with an updo. To create; teasing the hair at the top and pinning the top portion of the hair forward creates the look of a voluminous updo, and the remainder of the hair is secured to the back center of the head with bobby pins. Or you can pulling the hair back into a ponytail, braiding the ponytail and pinning it around the ponytail holder to create a bun. This makes the hair look longer than it actually is.


Side-swept bangs are an elegant way to frame the face; you can simply slick the rest of your hair back and create a small bun or updo if the hair is long enough. Bangs that cover the forehead can frame the face and create a simple but sophisticated style when the rest of the hair is combed back.

Pixie Cut

Pixie cut work best for a very short hair. Adding a little gel or mousse to the hair to keep it from getting frizzy is ideal; gently sweeping the short bangs to the side can help to attractively frame the face. Tousling the hair at the top gives the pixie more texture and can create a spiky look.

Here are another pictures for example!

Now you can opt one of several bridesmaid hairstyles for short hair above. You can also decorate your hairstyle with matching fancy headbands, small clips and other accessories. The beautiful and elegant look for bridesmaids is no longer a dream for those who have short hair. but try to keep your appearance is not too overwhelming or overshadow the bride’s hairstyles.




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