Blonde Hair with Brown Lowlights

If you have a plan to transform your beautiful blonde hair to a new look, then try to create it with brown lowlights.  This lowlights, make your blonde hair richer than its original color.  Brown lowlights add a thin strip of color which is darker than your original blonde hair color. In addition choosing hair lowlights shades that appropriately match your hair and skin tones can add depth and subtlety to any hair style, creating a wonderful textured look with class and distinction. Use them any time of the year you’d like to add interest to your style. For blonde hair with brown lowlights, you can opt colors like caramel or coffee. There are some instructions to DIY lowlights hair dye. But, if you are not sure of your hair dying skills, then recruit a friend to help.

First Steps

  • Always look at the color recommendations for blond hair color. Depending on your natural shade of hair, regardless if you are a natural blond, you should always look at the comparison chart. The comparison chart is a box, typically found on the back or side of the hair dye box, that shows you exactly what shade your natural or current hair color will turn once you apply the dye. Avoid the dye if your hair is too dark and seek professional advice from a stylist.
  • Prepare your work station at home by wearing an old T-shirt and gathering your supplies. Open the box of hair dye and read the directions completely. Check the directions to find out if there is a waiting period for adding color to color.
  • Separate your hair into four sections for easy application. Work around the perimeter of the head to get the entire hairline. Work through each section of hair until every strand of hair, from root to tip, is covered in hair dye.
  • Leave the hair dye on for the recommended time, typically 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Rinse hair completely until the water runs clear. Follow up the rinse with the shampoo or conditioner that came with the hair color box. Once hair is completely clean, dry with a hairdryer and wait a day or two to apply the lowlights.

Add Brown Lowlights

  1. Schedule a block of time to sit down and lowlight your new blond locks. Lowlighting is similar to highlighting, except to lowlight means to add darker colors, instead of lighter colors. Purchase a lowlighting kit, available at beauty supply stores, and read the directions entirely. The kit will contain hair dye, a cap, hair wand and rubber gloves.
  2. Wear an old T-shirt to lowlight your hair. Darker hair color is hard to remove from clothing. Put the rubber gloves on and mix the hair dye according to the instructions and set aside. Comb through your hair to ensure there are no tangles before placing the cap on your head. Unfold the cap, place it on top of your head, and tie the two side strings under your chin. The cap should be snug.Look in the mirror as you work, or ask a friend to help. The cap will contain sections already pre-mapped for your convenience. You have the option use the pre-mapped section for low lighting, or you can simply place the lowlights around the cap where you want them to show.
  3. Insert the hook end of the hair wand into one hole in the cap, gently circle it around and pull the section of hair out. Repeat this process throughout the cap.
  4. Try to gather the same amount of hair from each hole so your lowlights are even, and create an even look throughout your head.Apply the lowlight mixture to the hair with the included applicator. You can also use your hands to apply the mixture to each section of hair. Discard any unused hair dye. Set the time, typically 25 to 30 minutes, and wait. Pull the cap straight off before rinsing the dye out of your hair. Rinse your hair with warm water until the water runs clear. Apply the moisturizing conditioner, included in the kit. Dry and style as normal.

Then, here’s the example of blonde hair with brown lowlights ;

To maintain your blonde hair with brown lowlights hair color,Use a color preserving shampoo and conditioner to prolong the life of the color treatment, and avoid excessive exposure to the sun that can lighten the color. Lowlights may need to be reapplied as frequently as every two or three weeks for short hair styles that grow out quickly, though individuals with long hair or layers may be able to go as long as two or three months without new color treatments. If the lowlights shades are very close to the base hair color, treatments will last even longer.




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