Blair Waldorf Hairstyles

Blair Waldorf  from Gossip Girl; She is young, wealthy, so insecure, full of ambition and willing to get to the top. Blair Cornelia Waldorf is the main character of Gossip Girl TV series. As you already know before, Gossip Girl inspire so many girls all over the world with their rules in fashion! and Blair’s style is one of the most inspire character for makeup, dress and especially hairstyles!

Blair’s style is characterized by feminine dresses that highlight her shapes, colorful purses and natural hair styles that are a bit sophisticated and accessorized with various headbands. To create the blair waldorf hairstyles you can follow some steps below:

Firstly, to obtain blair waldorf hairstyles you will need a curling tongs, heat protection spray, volumizing mousse, Hair wax, and a round headed hairbrush.

Styling steps :

  • If you have naturally thick hair you can skip this step. While hair is still wet brush through to remove all knots, towel dry and rub in about a walnut size globule of hair moose (a bit more if your hair is a bit longer than in the below picture) from your roots to the tips of your hair. Either blow dry while brushing your hair out to gain volume, or allow to dry naturally depending on the eventual effect you want to achieve.
  •  Brush out your hair again until it is smooth and silky, and is 100% tangle free. Separate you hair into two sections, either side of your face and evenly spray from just above your roots to the tips of your hair with heat protection spray. Brush, yet again until smooth.
  •  Starting at the front curl small sections of your hair around the tongs and hold for about a minute each. Do a side at a time until your whole hair is in full but stiff ringlets.
  •  Carefully brush your hair until the curls look natural, but take care not to brush them out. If your curling tongs have a heat brush attachment, use that.
  •  Rub a small amount of wax or texturing paste into your palm and rub it into your curls very carefully, I find squeezing handfuls of curls to set them works well. I find texturing paste gives a softer finish than hairspray, which I find makes my hair feel brittle. Paste works just as well.
  • Don’t brush it once the paste has been added, that will destroy the curls. Comb through and style with your fingers.

Or you can try this…

You will need a few hair clips, hair band, a combing brush and a tape comb.

  • After you have untangled your hair, start by braiding it. You will have two braids, one starting on the left side (at the end of your eyebrow) and moving on toward your right side until your reach the ear area. The other one will start on the right side and move towards the left. Every braid must be approximately 1-2 centimeters thick. When you reach the ear area, use a hair clip to lock the braid in place.
  • You will need to tape the top of your hair for more volume. Use some hairspray to fix the hair (hairspray is mandatory if you have thin straight hair and you want a long lasting hair style), then make a pony tail with the hair at the back of your head. Use a strong hairband that has the same color as your hair.
  • Separate your tail into thin locks. Use the tape comb on every lock if you want your knot to have volume. Take every lock and twist it at the base of your pony tail, using clips to fix the curls. Once you’ve finished, use your fingers to make it look a bit messy.
  • If you want this hair style to be glam and elegant you are going to need accessories. You can use big clips with models (flowers and such) or headbands made out of various materials: cotton, silk, lace and others.

How about blair’s ponytail? here the steps!

  1. Separate your hair 2 inches from the hairline on both sides. Secure the hair in the middle into a low ponytail.
  2. Separate the top off of one of the side sections and pull it downwards across the ponytail at a slight angle (it works a little better if you twist the section). Secure above and on the other side of the ponytail with a bobby pin.
  3. Separate an identical section on the other side and pull it at a slight downward angle to the other side of the ponytail over the other section (once again, twisting will help define the section) and pin in place.
  4. Take the rest of the hair on the opposite side and cross it across the ponytail beneath your previous sections (twisting again). Bring it around and under the ponytail and pin in place.
  5. Repeat with the identical section on the other side, crossing it over the previous section. Pin in place under the ponytail.

If you need some video tutorial, you can check them out at youtube, there are plenty tutorial over there  for more details.

A few steps above might be a bit tricky. But if you follow all the steps correctly, you won’t have any problem with obtaining it pretty fast and right on the first try. You can go with blair waldorf hairstyles for every occasions. For college to formal events these hair style really can be worn nicely by you!









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