Beautiful Hairstyles for African-American Women

Many African-American women face lots of problems when it comes to hairstyles. But it is long gone, because now, there are many hairstyles for African-American women to be chosen. Black hairstyles have come a full circle with the introduction of styles, especially suited to the African-American women.

Good hairstyles are not just all about straight, long bouncy hair. The African-American hair has a built in body, owing to its curly, wavy pattern that allows it to be styled in many ways, which include braiding, plaiting and cornrolls. So if you are considering changing your styling, then here is a list of hairstyles you can opt for.

Simple Natural Hairstyle

If your hair is not very curly, you can try out any of these two styles. Firstly, wash your hair properly and condition it well. Then make two stranded twists and keep it for some days. After that, when you take out that twist, you will get the curl. Thus, you do not have to use any chemical or pay up at the hair stylist, and here you got beautiful curly black hair naturally. Another black hairstyle is to keep two tiny side curls on both sides of the face and leave the rest of the hair straight really look cute.


Bob is one of the most elegant short hairstyles for African-American women. It looks good on straight hair. If you do not have straight hair, then you can make it that way with the help of a hair relaxer. In this style, length of the hair is usually kept shorter at the back of the head. The hair at the sides of the face is slightly longer. Even a bang or fringe on the forehead looks very attractive with the bob style. If you wish you can make the bob look slightly asymmetric with the help of angular cuts on the sides of your face.

Cornrow Braids Style

One of the most popular braided hairstyles for African-American women, is cornrow braid styles. Cornrows are braids attached to the scalp creating a pattern. Cornrow designs are small, thin and braided close to the nape of the neck. These are ideal for a corporate look. And the best part is that it is not difficult to learn how to braid cornrows. Cornrow braids are very versatile and can be used to make different hairstyles.

Herringbone braid

This is one of the popular braided hairstyles for African-American women which is also called the Herringbone braid. It is a stunning look that can be created on a ponytails or as a full braid starting at the front of the hairline. These braid hairstyles look very intricate, but they are easy to make. They are trendy, and look great for any occasion and require only a couple of hours to make.

Long Weaves

Women who desire long hair, but can’t grow them, or have short hair can get long straight weaves. Glue or use the sewn in extension or clip in hair extension, to get full and long looking beautiful hair. You can then style this hair into braids or updos, or just let the hair fall free for a relaxed sexy look.

Curly Weaves

There are different types of wavy curly weave that you can pick from. With curly weave hairstyles you can add volume and bounce to your hair. You can go with any length of curly weave hairstyles, you can go with a romantic or flapper bob, or go with long wavy bohemian looking hair, or with ringlet curls. You can even go with weaves which have shorter curls in the front, and longer curls in the back.

Bandana Hairstyle

It is the best hairstyle for one of those casual days. It is quite inexpensive, as banadanas are easily and cheaply available in the market in variety of designs. First you need to buy one or some of these banadanas. There are two ways you can sport banadanas. You can fold it and use it as a hair band or fold it in triangular shape and it so that it covers your hair. You can experiment with it in many ways. One of my suggestion would be to tie a high ponytail with a colorful scrunchy and then tie a banadana in a hair band style. If you are having a bad hair day then cover your hair with banadana. This way you’ll be able to hide your hair and will look cool at the same time.

These were some of the hairstyles for African-American women. Remember to avoid using harsh chemical treatments and other treatments that can strip the hair off its shine. Go to the salon and ask your hairdresser to achieve better results.  Lastly, natural black hair is beautiful and all you can do is a hairstyle that suits you just right.





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