Balayage Highlights

Highlights are a great way to add a bit of brightness to your hairstyle or a touch of dimension and depth to your ‘do. And the hottest thing in highlighting hair right now is balayage highlights! Balayage highlighting is a color treatment that uses a hand-painting technique to add highlights throughout hair. The end result is sun-kissed and natural looking. According to, you can get the balayage highlighting treatment on wet or dry hair, and it offers versatility compared with other highlighting methods. Opt for the balayage highlighting technique if you want a stylish and sun-kissed look for your hair highlights.

The Example Results of Balayage Highlights

Balayage highlights originated in Parisian salons. This technique involves a hair stylist literally painting pieces of hair with a color brush, and results in a natural look. The stylist chooses which strands of hair to highlight. Usually a smaller highlighting brush is required for this type of highlighting because it allows for more precision. Low-lighting can also be performed this way. Sometimes long strands of cotton are used to separate sections of the hair if more than one color is being used. This prevents hair colors from “bleeding.” These types of highlights can be done on wet or dry hair.
Many celebrities are opting for this balayage highlights. A variety of balayage highlight looks can be created. For example, imagine a hairstyle consisting of curly, layered hair where the tips of the layered curls are tinted in a dramatic color. This could be achieved by using a color brush to paint the ends of the hair without needing any additional tools. The use of foil in a balayage method is likely simply a matter of the stylist’s concern over color-bleed or dripping. Traditional balayage doesn’t use foils and generally uses a tinting or lightening mixture that is thick enough to prevent the need for foil. A new technique of balayage, is more healthier way to haighlighting your hair.  Balayage highlight is a must-do style this year.





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