Awesome Short Spikey Hairstyles for Women

There are a lot of choices in short hairstyles, like short spikey hairstyles that can make a woman look sexy and chic. In recent years, short spikey hairstyles have become the latest rage, with celebrities like Charlize Theron, Diane Lan, Halle Berry and Pink sporting them. Going from long haircuts to short haircuts is a big step for most women. If you feel that you are tired of being a clone and want to make a statement with your hair, then a short spikey hairstyles for women is the perfect choice. Though, make sure that you have the right attitude and confidence to carry off one of the short spikey hairstyles that you select. The right short spikey hairstyle along with proper hair care products can help you maintain a short spikey hairstyle that can reduce years from your look.

Pink with short spikey hairstyle

A pixie haircut is a great choice for short spikey hairstyles for women of all ages. If styled rightly, it can make you look years younger. Also, it requires no maintenance and is very versatile as it can be made to look elegant and subtle or dramatic and punk. Layering this style will soften your look while still maintaining it’s edge.

If you have a facial structure that isn’t entirely compatible with pixie cuts, some basic stylistic choices can help you create a shorter hairstyle that you can work with. The fringe, or bangs, is a cut running along the brow of the head that can dramatically change the style of any haircut. Both the long-shaped and heart-shaped facial structures can incorporate side-swept fringes or bangs to reduce a wider appearance of the forehead. Oval face shapes can also use a fringe to the same effect.

Bob haircuts never go out of fashion. The spiky bob is a variation of the classic bob haircut. It creates a very sassy look. The hair is cut extremely short at the back and long at the sides with texture. This hairstyle is accented with a soft fringe neckline and the use of side swept bangs makes it even more interesting.

You can also try the spiky layered look. The spiky layered haircut is created by layering the bottom hair. If you have a wide forehead, you can ask the hairstylist to incorporate bangs. Long layered bangs can make this hairstyle look very stylish. The hair can be dramatically layered and teased to create maximum volume at the top of the head. Spiky sections around the face will make you look very appealing and draw attention to your features. The asymmetrical spiky hairstyles can surely help you get a dramatic look.

Short spikey hairstyles for women give a new look to those who are fed up with their traditional and straight hair styles. It is suitable for all face types and all hair length but the top hair must be relatively shorter in length. No matter what texture of hair you have you can get short spikey hairstyles for women. As men have many varieties for spikey hair similarly women can get opportunities to style short hair into different spikey styles.





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