Awesome Mohawk Hairstyles for Men

If you are looking for unique, cool and wild hairstyles for men, then try this one; mohawk hairstyles. But before you decide to try it out, you must to know that mohawk hairstyles was a trend in the late eighties and it was symbolic of the punk and rock band movements that swept the world in the eighties. The punk movement that rebelled against the political and social authorities, was a great success among youngsters who identified themselves with these types of movements.


Needless to say, teenagers and youngsters imitated the fashion styles of pop singers and rock stars. Mohawk hairstyle is believed to have originated from the Native American Mohawk Indian tribes. Then, if you wonder is there any various of these hairstyles? Yep, it is. There are various other forms of this mohawk hairstyle for men :

Reverse Mohawk

The first form of mohawk hairstyles for  men that you can try is reverse mohawak. Reverse Mohawk, as the name suggests, involves shaving the head from the centre. The long strips of hair now appear on both sides of the head, as opposed to the classic Mohawk hairstyle.

Fanned Mohawk

The style that was made famous by punk rockers is now called the Fanned mohawk or Fanhawk. This cut requires pointy strands in a row from the front of the head down to the back, with the sides shaved to the scalp. It is an option that still has its rebellious connotations. If you are thinking about going for this look, keep in mind that it will take a considerable amount of styling each morning to get it right. Moreover, if you were to go out in the rain, the spikes can quickly fall flat if they were to get damp. To stand out even more you could get a fanned mohawk cut and then dye the strands different colors.


Another of the different mohawk hairstyles for men, and again one that is not so widely used, is what is known as the Rayhawk. This style is associated with a specific baseball team, namely the Tampa Bay Rays. It involve shaving the middle portion of hair, forming a strip.


Men with curly or kinky hair have several options if they want to sport a Mohawk. A dreadhawk is made with dreadlocks, usually over the entire head. A frohawk is an alternative to an Afro — just shave the sides like a regular Mohawk. In past centuries, this was a style worn by actual African warriors (and Mr. T, for that matter).


A more elaborate twist on the traditional Mohawk, this style is a Mohawk divided into two or three separate Mohawk sections running from front to back, which will tend to be smaller the more hair you use.


Popularized by the likes of actor Colin Farrell and soccer star David Beckham, the fauxhawk can be worn even by men with short hair, and those who may not identify as “punks.” All you need is a little styling product, such as a strong-hold gel, to make a flip in the middle, while smoothing down the sides. The flip can be as noticeable or subtle as you choose.

And after reading some explanations above, take a look at the pictures of Mohawk hairstyles for men which is cool, as below;

Caring the Mohawk hairstyle

Once you get a Mohawk hairstyle, you will need to maintain it on a regular basis. It basically involves regular shaving on the sides of the head. To achieve the desired height of the long hair strip, you should use a blow-dryer along with a gel. Make regular use of a hairspray to keep the Mohawk in the desired shape.

If you are interested in heading to your local salon to have your hair cut in such a way so that you wear a mohawk, prior to doing so you should think about which actual version would match your lifestyle and personality.








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