Awesome Hairstyles for Teenage Guys

Being cool and looking good is something that highly desirable for every teenage guys. They will take any chance to get better look on this period. Make some experiment in fashion and especially the hairstyle is like a-must! Not just among teenage girls, for teenage guys this is kinda challenge for them. A challenge? Well, i’m not making a excessive statements anyway, but it’s true! Teen years is the right time to experiment and getting eager for something new, different, and awesome style. So, guys.. let’s find out! Oh, perhaps some hairstyles below can help :

Emo Hairstyles

irrespective of the fashion in the world of outfits, these hairstyles have developed its own fashion. These hairstyles for boys are just as popular as the ones for girls, and the steps to get the style is quite simple too. Rinse the hair so that they easily wrap your face. Reduce the length of the hair at the back and spine it with the help of the gel. If your hair is small or short, then for the first month you might not be able to give your hair a look of emo. As your hairstyle starts developing then brush it towards your eyes in the way you feel like. After three to four months, when the edges of the hair grow three-fourth downwards, it will indicate that now your hair is ready for the new hairstyle.

Crew Cuts

For a no-fuss haircut, just get your hair cut into a crew/military cut. For this haircut for teenage guys, the stylist will shave the side and back hair, and the top crown hair will be cut into a flat crop.

Front Spiky Styles

These are one of the most popular hairstyles for teenage guys, which are sported by many celebs. To get this style, cut the hair on the back and sides into short crops, with the crown hair cut into a tapering angle. The hair near the forehead are kept longest, and then styled upwards.

Short Trendy Hairstyles

If you want trendy haircuts for teenagers like Zack Efron’s, then get your hair done in a bowl cut with the back hair kept longer and cut tapering. The front hair are kept long and cut into long side sweeping bangs, falling on your hair.

Buzz With Side Cuts

If you are looking for a no-fuss haircut, or are into sports, then consider this bold haircut. For buzz cut, a razor will be used to cut the hair very short, and to add to the style add 2-3 cuts on both sides of the head

Long Hair Styles for Teenage Guys

If you want to sport a long hairstyle but are also thinking about hiding it on certain occasions, you can set your long hair back with a hair band. A pony tail is also a good option for collecting all the hair at the back and getting your desired look when needed. While choosing such hair styles, you need to make sure if it properly suits the face shape of the wearer. You also need to choose a hairdo that will suit the boy’s height. It should not happen that the boy’s head looks bigger than his body.

Wavy Long Hair Styles for Teenage Guys

A person can have natural wavy hair or such hair can be created. If you have natural wavy long hair, it is fine if you keep it relaxed on casual occasions. A mullet is also considered as a good long haircut for boys with naturally wavy hair. In a mullet haircut, the hair at the front is cut slightly shorter, whereas that of the back is left longer. It can also be referred to as ‘formal from the front and casual from behind’.

If you want to see some example pictures of  hairstyles for teenage guys ,  Check it below!


Teenage guys can wear any hairstyles, but just make sure it suit your face shape and in accordance with your personality.










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