Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle for Ladies

Although classic bob hairstyles has been worn in various ways, the asymmetrical bob hairstyle is very much in vogue these days.  An asymmetrical bob is a bob haircut in which one side of the hair is much longer, and, therefore not symmetrical, with the other side of the hair. This is truly hip and trendy, and looks better on women with straight hair. However, if you’re really interested in getting this hairstyle, but your hair texture doesn’t permit them, you can get your hair straightened and then go ahead. Here, the hair is cut above shoulder length and gentle layers are added behind to have a round designed angle around the face. These hairstyles look fab with wispy side swept bangs. Sometimes, the hair is also parted dramatically to one side. This cut should be styled into a very smooth look. Use a smoothing serum and flat iron to straighten the pieces, curling the iron slightly under so the front sections curve towards your face.  Below are some another ideas for asymmetrical bob hairstyle just meant for you :

Style 1#

Graduated bob haircuts are very popular and are the most common asymmetrical styles. These easy to maintain haircuts are opted by women and girls both. To cut your hair into these styles, cut the hair near the nape of your neck short and the hair on the sides longer. Keep one side shorter and one side longer and tapering. Complement with side sweeping bangs.

Style 2#

These styles are like graduated bob asymmetrical styles. But, graduated bob gives a more formal look, while choppy haircuts and styles give a more bold look. To get these medium length styles cut your hair at the back shorter, and the hair on the sides longer, keeping one side longer cut than other. Accompany this style, with short blunt side bangs. Then, to get the choppy effect, take a strand of your hair hold it a 45 degree angle, tilt your scissor and make the cut. This way cut all the hair strands, keeping the length uneven. If you don’t want the choppy haircut look, then consider running a razor over your haircut, to get the soft wispy ends look.

Style 3#

Many bowl bob hairstyles can be seen with blunt bangs which are cut asymmetrical. To get this style cut your hair into a bob till your chin length. Style this hair inwards, by blow drying. Then to get the asymmetrical style take a front section of your hair and cut it into blunt bangs, with a curve that is longer on one side and shorter near the crown on the other side. To look bolder in this look, go with some hair coloring ideas, like mixing two contrasting colors like black and blonde, color bottom hair into black, and top half into blonde.

Style 4#

For short hair; Try getting a super short pixie bob haircut. Get lots of choppy layers, and get one side of the hair cut longer than the other and pair with side sweeping bangs. Keep the edges of the hair tapering. Or  Try a short stacked bob, with the hair cut edgy and into pieces.

Style 5#

Get a sleek bob without any layers, and just keep one side longer than the other. Tuck the hair which are shorter behind the ear. No bangs are required for this sleek style.

Style  7#

For long hair;  Asymmetrical haircuts like bobs look great with asymmetrical bangs. So, try sleek long asymmetrical bob with asymmetrical bangs. If you want to add more to the style, then dye the hair on top blonde and the hair at bottom a dark brown shade.

Style 8#

Get some Cleopatra style bangs, and cut them choppy. Then cut the hair asymmetrical and cut them in few layers. Then style them wavy using a sea salt spray to get beach wavy hair.

Style 9#

Keep your hair cut asymmetrical with one side cut really long. Get some cute choppy bangs. Then the side which is longest, tie it in a braid.

Besides that, you need to shampoo your hair with anti-frizz products every time. Don’t forget to apply conditioner afterward.  Add a soft-hold hairspray or you can even go in for a super shine hair product to make it look sassy.

Keri Hilson


These were the various ideas on asymmetrical bob hairstyle. So, choose a cool new unique style and add some hair coloring ideas to make your style look even more stylish. You can consider dyeing your hair total shiny raven black or platinum blonde. For a more subtle effect add some skinny foil highlights.





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