Asian Mullet Hairstyles for Girls

The Asian mullet is made popular by anime characters. The mullet is typically worn as a short to long and utilizes styling products to achieve the desired look.

For Asian girls, mullet hairstyles is one of the most favorite and fun hairstyle among them. If you have interest with this hair style, below are some various of Asian mullet hairstyles for girls and pictures that might can give you a new idea to achieve the perfect Asian mullet look , let’s take a look!

Short Mullet

The short mullet styles for Asian haircuts stop about halfway down the neck. The front and top consist of short and choppy layers and the hair in the back and bottom has longer neck-length layers. The style is often made into spikes of different lengths. This style is appropriate for male and female hair.

Spiky Mullet

A spiky mullet for Asian styles is layered with a razor cut that has different chunky lengths. It can be a long or short style. The hallmark of this style is the short hair in front that layers down to a longer length in the back. The layers are then spiked up in chunks that travel in any preferred direction. The style mixes spikes with a razor-layered mullet.

Long Mullet

The long mullet is usually around shoulder length or longer and is similar to a layer cut. The longest thin layers of the mullet are the bottom and back layers of the hair. The next layer is cut much shorter than the first, but overlays the first layer. The hair gradually gets shorter toward the front and top layers to form choppy chunks of short hair at the front and long layers in a mullet at the back.

The Pictures of Asian Mullet Hairstyles for Girls

To achieve the best result, it is suggested to asked your stylist first. There are many possibilty hairstyle to choose for. And the Asian mullet hairstyles for girls is one of them. According to Haircut Hairstyling, the current Asian mullet hairstyles have taken the style and made it softer than the traditional mullets by adding razored layers, which increase volume in thinner hair types. For another ideas you can find it on character of anime or manga. Good luck!






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