Adorable Side Ponytail for Wedding

There isn’t a single bride in this world that doesn’t want to look her best come wedding day. After all, the wedding is destined to be one of the most important days of her life. This is the time when both her and her partner will make a vow to spend the rest of their lives together. This event is so important to the bride, that looking her best is considered top priority in her mind. It can be risky, trying to determine how you would like to look for your wedding. If you do not seek the advice of a professional, then you should stay away from trying new messy wedding hairstyles and makeup, unless you’re not worried about looking a complete mess come wedding night. When we start to talking about hairstyles, then you should choose a hairstyle that suits with your wedding theme.

If you choose a hair style that is simple but can achieve incredible results. Then, choose the side ponytail for wedding. These style is also for women who wanting to let their hair down a little for the wedding. This wedding hairstyle is very easy to do and perfect for any wedding theme.


Create an illusion of a side ponytail for wedding by combining a classic, curled chignon with the asymmetrical look. Once the hair is curled, pull it to one side and have the hairdresser pin the curls above the nape of the neck. Pin just enough to give the hair some life and definition and let the rest of the curls cascade over the shoulder.

Simple and Straight                                                                        

For a look of simple elegance, brush the hair to one side and over one shoulder. Secure the hair in a low ponytail beneath the earlobe. To hide the hair tie and give the look a touch of elegance, pull a section of hair from the loose ponytail locks and wrap it around the hair tie. Pin the end of the lock of hair underneath the ponytail, hiding the pin from view as well. The wound hair will hide the hair tie. Let the hair free flow over the shoulder to complete the look.

Wavy and Soft

In between the curly and straight versions, a wavy side ponytail is a soft look that pairs well with a rustic wedding or even a beach wedding. Add soft waves to the hair with curlers or a crimping iron. Sweep the hair to one side, securing in place at the back side of the nape of the neck with a clip. A clip instead of a tie allows the hair to be a little looser and strands to fall naturally around the face. Let the hair fall in waves and loose curls, less defined than the curled style, around the shoulders. Side bangs also work well with this look, adding to the natural and side-swept look of the style.

Accenting the Side Ponytail

To further enhance the asymmetrical style, add a pin or clip to the side of the head that the ponytail is on, inserting it at the temple or at the spot the hair is secured. A flower clip or a stone studded broach will offer playful and elegant touches. The side ponytail can be accentuated by adding a sweeping, side bang to the same side as the ponytail. To add a touch of softness, leave some tendrils loose and curled at the sides of the face.

To practice the side ponytail for wedding by yourself, check out the video below to find out the steps:


❀Romantic Side Ponytail for Wedding❀


Have a great time at the wedding!【ツ】






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