Adorable French Twist Hairstyle

The French twist hairstyle are one of the most popular options among the various haircut styles and ideas used by women all across the world for various occasions. These hairstyles are also very simple and no matter how many variations, they are made into, there are a few basic and common steps which have to be followed to get the perfect updo. French hairstyles have always been around as they are very simple to make and look absolutely ravishing on any outfit.

For the classic french twist, you can following the steps below;

Begin by smoothing the hair and hold it like a low ponytail. In case of curly hair, you might need to use some gel to smoothen the tresses. Avoid fastening the hair with a clip or ponytail holder. Then, lift the hair to a height as per your preference. Twist the hair at that point to turn it into a thick roll. Once done, you would need to tuck the ends of the hair underneath the roll. Now, tuck the entire roll of hair towards the inside portion. Remember to keep the outside area of the hair smoother in appearance. Continue to tuck the hair till the edges are well covered.

In addition, there are many variations for french twist hairstyle, such as; double french twist, half french twist, messy french twist,and many more!




  • Make sure hair is prepped first.
  • Divide the hair into 3 sections: first take a centre parting all the way down to the nape of the neck so you have two sections. Then divide another section from recession to crown to recession. Pin the top section out of the way.
  • Back comb the two side sections to give them volume and height, still keeping them separated.
  • Brush one side section back to the centre and twist it in on itself (similar to a French roll / French twist). Pin it in place.
  • Brush the other side section to create the same twist on itself so that it meets at the back centre parting of the head. Pin it in place. Now you should have the two lower sections pined in place at the back of head to create two French twists.
  • Take out the top section and back comb to create height.



Steps :

  • Begin with backcombing. Don’t be afraid—just grab a brush or a comb and get in there.
  • Mist the backcombed areas with a light, medium or flexible-hold hairspray
  • Draw out a few quarter-inch strands along the temples.
  • Sweep the rest of the hair back and to one side.
  • Insert a border of bobby pins running vertically from the nape of the neck to the crown.
  • Create a twist over the bobby pin border beginning at the nape of the neck and working up to the crown.
  • Secure the newly created French twist by inserting u-shaped hair pins near the scalp.
  • Incorporate any strands that may have fallen out during the twisting process by simply pinning them into the ‘do.
  • Adjust the style with your hands, push it around and shape it until you get the desired effect and throw in a few more hair pins wherever the twist might feel loose.
  • Mist with more hairspray to finish the style.



Steps :

  • Pull a section from one side of your head back to the center and insert bobby pins vertically.
  • Then grab a section from the opposite side, bring it back to the section, flip it around and insert bobby pins on the underneath section.

Opt the one you like most.  And try it out by yourself or with friends! Remember to use a set of hair accessories to secure the same. Bobby pins will be helpful to secure the base and add a rhinestone pin for a formal look. But the matter is you will need loads of practice to be able to master these steps for a perfect hair twist. Practice, practice, and practice.

Tips for French Twist Hairstyle:

  1. If you find twisting your own hair too difficult, consider visiting a hairstylist for help with your technique or asking a friend for help.
  2. It may take several tries to achieve a suitable result when you first twist your hair, but once you’ve perfected your own technique it will be easy.
  3. Use mirror(s) to help you see the back of your head.
  4. With practice, you’ll figure out the method that works best for your preferences and your hair. There are countless variations on the French twist method, so you can customize this method for personalization and flair.







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