90′s Hairstyles for Women

The 1990s is remembered as a transitional period where wild ’80s styles slowly went out of style and people dressed and looked more conservative than the decade prior. Volume was still in vogue with some hairdos, especially compared to super-straight, sleek modern day styles, but ’80s techniques like ratting and spraying hair to achieve maximum height were abandoned.

Hair had more natural movement and styles were easier to maintain.  The 90s hairstyles were popularized by the famous celebrities of the time.

Pixie Cut

The pixie haircut was popularized in the 1990s by screen stars Winona Ryder and Halle Berry. A pixie cut is a short wispy haircut that typically ends above the ears. Not all women can pull off the pixie cut: Petite women with strong, angular facial features look best in it because the scarcity of hair allows their tiny frames and gorgeous facial structure to shine. These feminine features likely would be downplayed by longer haircuts.

Short and Messy

Meg Ryan opted for a short hairdo. The ear-length, choppy cut was worn tousled and had chunky highlights throughout. Other actresses sported pixie cuts and other very short hairstyles. It was common to see many women with hair shorter than traditionally feminine haircuts.


One of the trendy look from  ’90s hairstyles was a full, thick bob that came to below the chin. Women blew their hair dry with a round brush and curled the ends under to achieve fullness and swing to the style. Actress Terri Hatcher wore the look as Lois Lane on TV’s “Lois and Clark.” Another ’90s bob was the baby bob made trendy by supermodel Linda Evangelista. The super short bob only came to the ears with dramatic points of hair and had very short bangs.

The Shag

While playing the part of Rachel in the sitcom “Friends,” Jennifer Aniston wore her hair in a heavily-layered medium haircut. After the style debuted, women across the country requested the Aniston-inspired cut. “The Rachel” includes layers that fall along the cheekbones, at the mouth and chin level. Blonde highlights are focused at the front of the hair. Volume for this shaggy ‘do is concentrated at the crown. To style, massage volumizing product into roots, blow dry and then lightly curl ends of hair with wide curling iron. The Rachel is worn with a side part.

Crimped Styles

Another 90s hairstyles is Crimped hair. Crimping is a zigzag pattern that is embedded into the hair with the help of a creviced hair iron. Crimped hair was in style long before the 1990s. In fact, the trend arose during the 1970s when Barbara Streisand’s hairstylist created the crimping iron. To create the crimped look, blow dry your hair straight to create an even base for the crimps. Next, grab a 1-inch section of hair and place it in the iron for up to 20 seconds. Repeat throughout the head, then lightly mist with hairspray for a lasting look.

Long Locks

In the early ’90s, curly styles were still trendy with many long looks. Following the popularity of spiral perms in the late ’80s, many women had held onto the curly look. Curls became looser waves as opposed to tight spirals, such as the style worn by Julia Roberts in films such as “Pretty Woman.” The grunge style soon pushed curly looks out. Grunge was all about long, natural hair and women wore straight, long styles that had not been in style since the 1970s.

90′s Hairstyles for Women

These were some popular 90′s hairstyles which made a bold statement in the fashion world. Some 90′s hairstyles was still popular in these days, and perhaps it can gives a different look among 2012 modern hairstyles.





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