80′s Hairstyles for Women

The 80s’ period saw a hoard of fashion trends and many pop stars and movie idols popularized such hairdos. Crazy fans loved to follow them blindly. 80s hairstyles for women were huge, wildly permed hair, big bangs , forelocks that overwhelmed their faces, colorful and even mildly funny at times. Take a look at some of the funky and wacky hairstyles of the 80s’ that were a rage in that era.

In the early 1980s, women wore their hair short but very styled so the top of their hair was curled up and back using a curling iron. Once they had created a “casually wispy” look, they sprayed their hair so the style stayed fresh all day long. Later in this decade, women’s hair began to get longer, with perms becoming the norm. The trend for women’s hair in the later 1980s was BIG. Women permed their hair and then teased it to get that big look that was so popularized in the movies of that era. As the 80s progressed, women’s hair became longer and longer.  Girls in high school worked with their hair every morning, teasing it and putting the perfect sausage curls in, then spraying the entire hairstyle so that it would not flop or wilt until early in the afternoon. The higher the lock at the forehead went, the happier the girls were. The women of Dynasty could do no wrong stylistically. While it was not as permed as other styles, the hair was still big, with Linda Gray sporting a perfect blonde helmet and Joan Crawford walking around with perfectly styled short hair. Even though Joan’s hair was short, it was still big with a pouf at the top of her head.

Another popular 80s hairstyles for women is the side ponytail. The side ponytail was appropriate for longer hair as well. For a formal event, hair was braided into a French braid with a clip-on ribbon secured at the bottom of the braid. Long and short mullets were popular with both men and women. The ’80s mullet was characterised by short hair in the front with longer hair, or a tail, in the back. One of the most famous ’80s musicians who donned this “business in the front, party in the back” hairstyle was Billy Ray Cyrus. Different variations of the mullet are still worn today.

Not every woman in the 80s wanted a glamorous pop-star pouf. Women playing with the more avant-garde in their hairstyles wore an asymmetrical ‘do. Although the asymmetrical look took on many different forms, the common denominator was the lopsided nature of the cut. Half of the hair was straight and cheekbone-length, while the other half stopped at the chin. At its most extreme, a woman might shave half her head and wear the other half at shoulder length.

Women’s hairdos from the 80s may take some time for the novice to master, but getting just the right hairdo complements the look and makes the package complete. 80s hairstyles for women really made a bold statement for the world of fashion now and forever!







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