50′s Men Hairstyles

During the Second World War, the British fashion market grabbed all opportunities, which was an attempt to capture a portion of the American market and flood it with British apparel. British fabrics were of exceptional quality being made with fine materials and knitted in royal designs. Winter collections like knitted sweater dresses with crew, cowl necks and shirt tabs from Orlon or Lambswool occupied the market. Marks & Spencer earned the name of ‘the nation’s fabric of 1950′. Jacques Fath’s fashion garments included fully loose tent line duster and swing coat types.

In the first part of 50’s men hairstyles is remembering the Elvis Presley styles. Men simply followed Elvis Presley, who popularized the sideburns and the pompadour look. This, however, did not stay for a very long time, probably owing to the fact that sideburns were difficult to manage. The ducktail hairstyle was also popular amongst men. The flamboyant, rebellious and cool haircut of the ’50s was the Greaser style, and its influence carried on to the mid-sixties. Compared to the equally vogue college-cut, this was a working-class hair-do and indicated where you came from. Men wearing a duck-tail combed their hair back and drew a center parting through the nape. The sides of hair were slicked back and the top sculpted into a quiff, using a lot of grease such as Brylcreem or pomade. The styles and social implications of Greaser hair were described in detail, in “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton.

Another part of 50’s men hairstyles is the ivy league styles. The 1950s ivy league styles were a slightly different version of the short traditional hairstyle. Clean-cut, these paid homage to convention but with a fresh, preppy look. Ivy league hairstyles will be forever known as the iconic ’50s American college-boy cut. Men wearing this cut, had their hair clipped short at the back and sides, with the longer top left to fall to the front in bangs. These were swept lightly to the side with styling cream. The look was young but implied a privileged status in society.

Who can forget the movie Roman Holiday, where Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn exuded charm, grace, style, and charisma, in this romantic comedy. I particularly remember the scene where she cuts off her long tresses quite against the social norms. She even had the hairdresser perplexed with her strange decision. The result was even better; Audrey Hepburn oozed style and looked completely glamorous with her short hairstyle. The soft curls behind the ears, and the delicate, jagged edges that framed her face helped to accentuate her features. Another icon who created a rage with her personal style and haircut during this period was Marilyn Monroe. Even today, women all over the world try to copy her short-cropped, curly hair look.

James Dean and Troy Donahue emerged as fashion icons of fifties for their much popular hairstyles. Some of the versatile 50’s men hairstyles were Apache with cropped side cuts, flat on top crew cut, pompadour and sideburns. Rockabilly hairstyles greatly influenced the punk culture. The greaser style was created by back brushing hair and then styling it with gels. Teens and adults were sheer fond of the typical hairstyle sported by Elvis Presley in the fifties. Vintage watches, hats and puffing cigar further uplifted their style quotient.







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