5 Beautiful Easy Medium Length Hairstyles

If you think that having short hair it is more flexible and easy to care, maybe that’s true, but not so cool enough for a stylish, and not too many options for short hair styles. But if you have hair that grown length wise, you can keep it into medium length instead. The main advantage of these medium length hairdos is that they attract attention to the facial features and especially the neck.  Read these 5 Beautiful Easy Medium Length Hairstyles below that the one of them would be your choice.

Easy Updos

For the most basic easy updos, you can just tie your hair in a pony tail and be done with it. Another way to do a basic updo is to gather your hair in one hand and raise it behind your neck. Pull your hair into a twist and secure the twisted hair with hair pins or those  specially designed hair-claws. Let the ends hang freely.  If you have medium length hair and want a hairstyle which prevents your hair from coming in front of your eyes or face, you can choose from a wide range of updos. In updo hairstyles, all or some of the hair is made to set over the head or at the back. A bun is a very good and stylish updo hairdo. For styling these hairdos, you may have to use hair spray or hair accessories. Updos also create volume on the top of the head, which gives you a look of having long hair.

Easy Fishbone Braid Style

Learn how to create a fishbone braid. Then part your hair at the side, and comb all the hair. Then make a fishbone braid, and secure it with a ribbon. For a cooler look, you can keep it on your shoulder

French Bun

These are very popular as medium length hair styles for women over 30. Comb your hair and secure it into a French bun, and wear dangling earrings with it.

Easy Bob

Bob hairstyles look their best when sported on straight, silky, and fine hair. There are many variations that you can do while wearing medium length bob haircuts such as experimenting with straight or side swept fringes or the texture of the hair. To create volume to the sides, you can get your side hair curled. A stylish variation of the typical medium length bob is an asymmetrical bob.

Curly Hairstyles

In this hairdo, some of the hair is set at the back or a bit higher on the head, while the remaining hair falls down on the shoulders. You can easily get a messy or a shaggy look on curly hair for styling informal medium length hair styles.

To make your hairstyles look better, you can simply include colorful fashion hair accessories in the styling.

These above are 5 beautiful easy medium length hairstyles that you must try it at home or salon. Basically, the medium length hair have many variations that can be applied in daily activities or during spare time.  The medium length hair usually more easy to care and to style in such way,  it also depends on your choice. Related to this, you don’t have to be worry, because there are many instructions and sample pictures on internet that you can use it for instance.  Easy, isn’t it?



For the product that you should have for your medium length hair is good shampoo that make your hair more seamless and conditioner too. Use vitamins if necessary.  These 5 beautiful easy medium length hairstyles brought to you by me today, hopefully it’ll inspire you a lot!





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